View Full Version : VCU has 32,000+ students; Is there any chance Ron Paul will make an appearance here?

VCU for Ron Paul
02-20-2012, 12:47 AM
Hello all, I'm a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, which has I believe the largest student body in VA. I think it would be great, and he could fire up a lot of indifferent/not politically active and undecided people to take a couple hours out of their day and go vote for him on March 6th. I haven't read anything lately on his chances or how he's polling in VA, but if he has got a shot at beating Romney and snatching all of our delegates, then do you think staging a public appearance here be a good move for his campaign? Any input or information would be greatly appreciated.

This poll was put up this evening on our website. Nice to see Ron crushing Romney but we are still losing to "I don't plan to vote", who seems to have quite the following... :rolleyes: