View Full Version : Motion text for caucuses to have open counting of votes and tracking

02-18-2012, 01:55 PM
given they threw away the ballots, per Webster, and all vote numbers are completely whatever he writes down, it is a bit hard to see this one going our way. We know what NOT to allow in future caucuses -- private vote reporting.

Well, on Feb 4, we passed this motion in my town, which kept a permanent record in the town, and sent a copy to the county. That way there would be records, and they couldn't play games. The flyer was all over my county. I personally introduced the motion in my town. And the .pdf is on my website http://parocks.com/ronpaul/motions4up2.pdf (small file - lo res) and http://parocks.com/ronpaul/motions4up.pdf (large file -hi res) . I didn't invent this motion, it was Cynthia Rosen's (I think), I suggested distributing this motion in typed form on the internet, and we liked that idea. I assume the campaign distributed it the next weekend, so I assume that there are records on file pretty much everywhere we had an informed presence.