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02-17-2012, 03:17 AM
Maybe we should try some fear mongering? It seems to work within the GOP. Everyone is scared of Iran... Maybe there is something that will scare people more? Something more scary than Iran.

Perhaps we should do some fear mongering with social security and medicare.

If we don't do something about The Fed and if we go into another war... these entitlement systems will either 1) run out of money, 2) more money is printed, thus devaluing the dollar, thus the same amount of money buys less, and/or 3) major reduction or cuts.

The only difference is that the entitlement systems being completely bankrupted is a REAL threat. Going into another war will put USA more into debt and less money for other things. The Fed will continue to print money and bail out ever corrupted banker on this planet and to fund wars.

Although, Ron Paul is not the type to do this. Ron brings hope and positive energy. It seems that some people respond to fear and not hope. Respond to negatives and not positives.

Honestly, I think the USA will run out of money before Iran will get a nuclear missile if they are making one.

Also, should emphasize more on how the more we are in debt.. the more vulnerable we are. Which is a big national security problem. I think this problem was mentioned by Ron Paul before, but i feel it should be emphasized more.

I think this is important.. because Santorum or Newt or Romney will do something that the country will regret when one of them is the president.

02-17-2012, 03:33 AM
If we start a war with Iran, it will start WWIII, create a nuclear holocaust, and we will all die.

How about that? ;)

02-17-2012, 06:31 PM
Read a recent study of that showed conservatives have a larger fear center in their brains:


Kind of shows why the attack ads (no matter who issues them) have been so effective. The reality is voters will vote for the politician who scares them the least...airing ads talking about how wonderful Ron Paul is won't work, because this isn't how the conservative mind works.