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02-16-2012, 12:23 PM
Why canvassing should be done as early as possible!
In every State!

present participle of can·vas (Verb)present participle of can·vass (Verb)
(1)Cover with canvas.<<(Obviously not this one)
(2)Solicit votes from (electors in a district): "two workers canvassed some 2,000 voters"; "she canvassed for votes".

I wont go on a Tirade about how to Canvas, Cause there is no canvassing book for dummies.
I only recently learned what canvassing was.
And didn't realize I was doing it.

Canvassing doesn't just mean hitting folks houses, in order to get them to vote for your preferred candidate.

It also means that when you discuss with others your views and or message ( End the Fed,End the TSA, End the Lies,Stop the bailouts etc..), be it friends/family/stranger your actually canvassing for a vote for the message/candidate you desire to win.

As an example( A true one)

I Canvas every time I go to work, I work for the railroad.
I drive trains, I am an engineer. Every day I work with a different person on the train with me, (Unless I am a permanent job, then its usually the same people)

I am on the train from 8-12 hours anytime of the day or night with a different person.

We discuss a variety of topics every day depending on that persons interest, I learn about hot rods/drugs/work/unions/gov't/housing issues/personal lives etc etc holy crap the list goes on and on..

Every day I work I talk to folks about money ( cause we are all middle class mainly, And let it be said Money talks liberty walks) Money leads to Fed/Derivatives/Mighty dollar/China/Keeping jobs list goes on.

Then a flyer is given for RP, we talk abit about liberty and such, I also like to include some of our more horrific stories from around the country of Police state activities that involve deaths. NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, Amish milk, Sovereign citizens, etc...

I have converted roughly 5-8 individuals and spread the seed of doubt to at least 300 hundred, Now that might seem like a low number.
But almost every single UNION Railroad employee has a heavy chance of being a democrat.
And there are some hard core dems in my line of work. ( invoke the name of Reagan around some railroaders and you get some heavy lip service payed your way..)

Now that's just a bit of story from my side, now I shall get to the part of why canvassing should be done early everywhere in every state and how my example can also be used for others to use/add to/take away or what not..

I am a republican
It takes awhile for the seeds of liberty to sprout in a persons mind, like it did in mine.
I didn't vote for Bush in 2004, cause All I saw was endless war.
Nor did I vote for anyone else
I didn't vote in 2008 cause all the candidates sucked.
Now remember, I am a republican and always have been, born and raised with republican views.
Therefor I did not even look at Libertarian/ green/other parties.
Cause republicans don't do that........Normally
I always thought republicans followed the Constitution..

The way I got here was learning about money from a sight called Zerohedge, the only way I got here was through other like minded folks also learning about money or already knowing of money/fed etc...

(Here is the important parts)

I read Zerohedge for at least a year before finally following one of the links some people put up to here.
So in essence it took me 1 year to get here and I am active on the computer/web etc..

Now back to why canvassing is important to be done everywhere if your able.

Get the seed started in the doubters and the undecided ultimately decided the sooner the better.
I have never donated to any political party until Dr Paul.

I have never read so much and became so informed from money to Liberties to Gov't to you name it.. until Dr Paul's message..

In my Off time I canvas the neighborhood when I take my kids for a walk. All I do is drop off at each house a flyer and a print out sheet of Dr Paul's Plan he put up on his 2012 website.

I have had folks ask me a bit more in my area, when they see me out walking with the kids on the next canvas about Dr Paul and I will send them to a couple of the good YouTube vid's.

Or they would ask what is on their mind, little bit about the gold standard is not possible type of stuff, was, etc.

I have had more then a few say that curse word to the Paul people.
The old, I would vote for him but he wont win.
Those chats are usually longer then 10 minutes.

I constantly push the Constitution in some way shape or form.. Most receive it well. But mainly I talk about money.. Its always received well..

Why canvas?
Spread the truth(don't sugar coat the stories from America) . Remember liberty, Less Gov't, Get others involved, Donations come in more often, more votes etc.,..

Please spread the influence heavily in your own way and hit it hard while you canvas.

Be it just talking to others about liberty or talking about money, which everyone likes to talk about no matter how poor or rich they are..

Please respond on how you canvas also and your personal canvassing you have done. There might be some great ideas out there that might not be known to others..

P.S. Thank god for spellchecker, cause I was trying to type as fast as possible.

02-19-2012, 10:28 AM
I absolutely agree with you!

I wish it was more common for people to take the intiative to talk those around them.

Conversations do matter.

Sometimes we get too focused on trying to compete politically
through the media thats obviously screwing us.

When each of us can individually share the message of liberty with everyone around us.

There isn't really any risk involved, as far as being mispercieved

For most of us here, our economic views are already seen as crazy

Talking will only help to clarify things.

Civil liberties are very important to citizens on all sides of the political specturm

Show them that there is a problem with new laws and regulations
put forward to supposedly combat terrorism.

The huge list of injustices running rampant, unconstitutionally
is old news to most of us, but to your random neighbor?
It might be a whole new world of information.

Sometimes I feel like a sort of diplomat navigating political discourse
Most of the people I know are far left liberal types, democrat, green party
As progressive as you could possibly be (in their minds)

Any discussion they hear about republican sorts of ideals
will be immediately repelent to them.
So you have to find ways to diffuse that.

Before even mentioning your stances
find out what their beliefs aree and how they see the nation.
Hear them out and show interest in what they have to say.
This is real communication.
Sadly enough explosive political rhetoric and divisiveness
is all that comes down to us through television and radio.

Anyway, its amazing how and open discussion can change minds.
I think most people wouldn't be falling for these government schemes
if they were simply introduced to an alternative.

And... when you don't feel like getting all intellectual with folks,
you can always go hold a sign! It really makes me feel good too.

I give you credit for the amount of time and energy you put into
getting the word out.
I'm interested in making my own pamplets and such
but concerned about it alienating some in the process

What do you generally put on your flyers?
How do you target them etc?