View Full Version : Paul should attack Santorum for misrepentation & also expose his record

Paul Or Nothing II
02-15-2012, 06:04 AM

Now, he's making it "seem" like he served when obviously he hasn't, people's attention needs to be drawn at this as well as his other "credentials" like voting for No Child Left Behind, expanding medicare, voting to raise the debt-ceiling 5 fricking times & what not, all that needs to be brought in the open clearly.

Ron, being a clean man, has so much on his side since he can attack each & every one of them & expose them for the crooks they are but they'll have nothing against Ron; he needs to use his clean record as a launching-pad to launch an attack on them, it's alright being nice & humble but - it's the whole country's future at stake here & Ron Paul is the last hope so he needs to be more aggressive.