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02-12-2012, 10:39 AM
I am 57 years old

Dr. Pauls message is not just for the young. It's for everyone.

The MSM is trying to play the message off as a young vs old thing, and I think the Ron Paul campaign is buying into that too much.

I am almost offended each time I hear Ron Paul say that the youth are excited about the message of freedom, while not saying "also", as in like other freedom minded "individuals" of all ages.

Is Ron Pauls following a Youth Group? No, it's about individuals and individual freedom. Don't let the media play the "group" card, because that only causes a divide between young and old.

I agree that the older generation is waking up slower than the younger generation, now that his message is being heard. But, that is to be expected since the older generation has had the influence of the MSM and other propaganda for a longer period of time. But I will also say that once the older generation wakes up to the right message and "get's it", there is no stronger hatred for what has happened and how they have been lied to for so long (this from experience). Once the anger is brought under control, then comes the "How am I going to dedicate my life to doing something right about it". Remember, we have children and grandchildren that we feel very strongly about protecting and serving.

I would suggest that Ron Paul find a way to praise the youth, but include the older generation very strongly and he will see more of the older generation taking a look at him. And, as it has been said, "Once you go Paul, you can't go back".

02-12-2012, 01:15 PM
I am 64 and agree. The Ron Paul campaign has for some unfathomable reason decided to cede the 55 plus vote to Romney. I am becoming more upset daily with the fact that his campaign has no desire to include the largest voting block in his bid for election to the Presidency. It would appear that Ron is stuck in the educational mode as opposed to wanting to win the election. I am a Committee Precinct Officer and will be a delegate for Ron Paul at my county convention this March here in Washington State. I was also a delegate for Paul at my county convention in 2008.

02-12-2012, 01:29 PM
The older generation, as they awake, see how they have been harmed all these years. Just think of how much we could do for our grandchildren today if any money we have saved over the years was still worth as much as it was when we earned it. We just went along with the "things always go up".

It always did confuse me as to why things went up. When wages increase then the products or services they produce must increase in price, then everyone who pays for those needs a pay increase and their products and services go up. It's a never ending cycle. In the mean time, anything I earn today and save is of less value when I use years later. This is the reason I've never joined a union. It never did make sense to me to get a pay increase without producing more to earn an increase.

There is a lot of power to be garnered by the education of the elderly. I am very influencial with my children and grandchildren. I listen to them, and they listen to me and respect my point of view from experience enough to investigate it.

I really do believe, however, that more of the older generation are comming around, but perhaps there is something that the campaign could do to help it along before we get to the other states.

Any suggestions from other older folks?

02-12-2012, 05:18 PM
i'm 74 , 13 year vet , shot a 73 yesterday golfing ( take that you young guys ) , usga hadicap 6.0 , i agree with the above , saying that , RP has to say more about SS/MC , there are more than likley millions of seniors that think if elected he will shut down SS the 1st day.

i think he would get the wheels rolling , it would take at least 20-30 yrs to work our way out of it.

RP has to start saying serious things about crude oil and the price of gas , soon to be $4/ga , $5/ga before the end of the year, $7-8/ga if we attack iran.

last year americans spent $500 billion on gas , $100 billion more than in 2010. this is very serious and effects every american.

as a side note i have been polled 3 times in the last 2 weeks (az ) , i always say Ron Paul , then they ask my religion , i always hit the number for mormon.

02-12-2012, 05:42 PM
One thing we older folks have going for us is history. We've seen a lot of this unfold, so in some ways we're easier to sell than others. I'm not sure how the campaign can take advantage of that though.

And another thing some of us older folk have going for us is the ability to brag that we've voted for Ron Paul for President THREE TIMES.

Just had to rub that in with the young'ns. :D

02-12-2012, 05:57 PM
I think that part of the problem is the way it's being said, more than what is being said.

Ron Paul is very smart about economics. The problem is that, as with all professions, there is a lingo that insiders understand, that others do not.

How many people understand what "fiscal responsibility" is? 50%? But most people know what "living within ones budget" is. And this is a simple example. I'm a system software architect. I could say things that make sense to me and a few others, but would be pure gibberish to most, even though It might sound good, I would not have said anything that would connect.

Now, I think that Ron Paul has done a much better job lately of saying things in a way that most people can understand, but I don't think that the connection between Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy has been quite connected for most people that are not in the RP group.

I do think that people have not heard enough of Ron's message about his stance on SSI. But, it has been delivered as though it's those that have been made dependent on government, instead of those that have invested in SSI with their own money (yes, the employer part is just part of their pay too, just invented to hide the total cost of SSI from the employee). It is a seperate line item on the tax that you pay (ie, Federal Income, SSI, MediCare). (As a side note, if they want to give me back the 130,000.00+ I have paid in, I might cash out now while it's still worth something, although it would probably get taxed at 40%+).

The most important part of his message that should connect things for people is "Sound Monetary System", but what does that mean to most people. It means: "if I put my money in a jar today, it will buy me the same amount of stuff when I take it out 50 years from now". Now let's talk about saving.

02-12-2012, 06:05 PM
In 07 our Ron Paul meet-up group, I was the youngest member at 50 years old. Freedom is popular at any age

tod evans
02-12-2012, 06:11 PM
I'm a boomer too.....and a vet.......and a small business owner......and..and....

Ron Pauls message is just as good for us "old-folks" as it is for the younger ones.

My opinion is that we are fighting the folks dependent on government money as much or more than the media.

There was a thread earlier today about how 91mil. people draw checks from the government! By and large those people believe that a RP presidency would either cut or end those checks.....Combine this perception with the media portraying RP in the worse light possible and we're fighting an honest to goodness uphill battle. Now throw in the millions who work in the government service industry......I'll bet between the direct and indirect check recipients we're looking at close to half the adults in the USA.

None of us has the financial ability to compete with "big business/special interest" for the media so our influence is limited to those with whom we interact. Our numbers are increasing......Not fast enough to suit many here but we are growing nonetheless.

I honestly don't think the message is geared for the younger demographic but is sure a lot harder to get our generation to spend the time to analyze and understand what's being said.

02-12-2012, 06:30 PM
In 07 our Ron Paul meet-up group, I was the youngest member at 50 years old. Freedom is popular at any age

Yes it is, but fear can make people blink, and fear is how they are playing the game, musilim fear, economic fear, racial fear, religious fear, anything they can dig up from the grave, and this is what is referred to as true terrorism.

The idea of self responsibility that comes with freedom, I think, scares some people. But that is because of all the laws, penalties, corruption and the like that people at the street level see and experience.

For example: My neighbor, in his 30's, had been drinking at home. An ex-girlfriend accused him of something, don't remember, but the local police called him and told him to come there to her house to discuss the matter. He told them he had been drinking and didn't want to drive, but they said to get there now, period. He did, was arrested for drinking and driving, then told that he would get off if he would do the body work and repaint the cops personal car. How do you get this young man to think anything happening at the federal level is going to make a difference?

What will make a difference is going to take years. And that is honesty. That is something that Ron Paul has going for him, honesty. If only we can get others to see it.

I think that Ron Paul could get across to everyone, if he gets enough air time. Because, yes it is, freedom is popular at any age.

02-12-2012, 06:38 PM
tod evans said: "I honestly don't think the message is geared for the younger demographic but is sure a lot harder to get our generation to spend the time to analyze and understand what's being said"

Yes, I agree, the message is not geared for the younger demographic but the media tries to play it up that it is. And it would help if we could write a Facebook game that promoted Ron Paul and his message, because I see a lot of folks spending a lot of time on Facebook games.