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Ron Paul + YouTube= Free
02-09-2012, 06:09 PM
I just want to say before anyone reads this that I have the utmost respect for Dr. Paul and the campaign and these are just some things that I believe will help the movement. That being said lets.........

Confidence is key. Dr. Paul should speak in presumptive language and assume the sale:

Dr. Paul should say things such as "As your president," and "When I'm in office" when he speaks to the public. He is the only one not doing this. This is one of the oldest sales/marketing tricks, and obviously, it works well to this day. He needs to say less of "we need to do this and we need to do that" and more " as president I will do this and I will do that". It wouldn't hurt to say" if you vote for me" just once either. All of us here know that he's just trying to get his message across and educate but at the same time he still needs to connect to the people by painting a picture of himself as the president in the peoples minds.

Take back the issues:

The good doctor needs to call the other candidates out or at least publicly acknowledge when they change their views on the issues over to his positions of the last 30 years or so. He needs to make sure credit is given where it is due. He can not let them get away with high jacking his positions and using them for themselves once the Dr. Paul has popularized them. He must call them out publicly by either quoting them or thanking them. He must be sure to let people know that he owns these issues and that he is the one who has been promoting them for years. In the marketing/pr world this is called branding or brand identity. He must protect his brand identity( position identity) at all costs. I do understand that some of our defitions of winning differ. For some, winning is changing the republican party and platform which Ron Paul is doing, and I love it. Iím only saying here that he must guard his "position identity" from attack if he is to win the GOP nomination which I believe is his best chance to make his issues policy. Unlike Dr. Paul, the others will only use his ideas to get where they want to be, and once there will bend to will of the special interests.

Attack with emotion and anger:

Lets face it, if all it took to win this thing was intelligence and rationality Dr. Paul would be in the lead but thatís not the case. Apparently the perception of power is just as important to the sheepish GOP base. The sad fact is that many of them like, and want to see, a little aggression. Weird but true. If he directed a little more emotional fire at the media and the other candidates it would go a long way in the eyes of base republicans. I personally like when Dr. Paul explains to me the ways of the world like some all knowing history textbook but many people in this world base much of their perception of others on emotional appeal. No matter how right he is, ignorant people will not identify with him if they donít see him as powerful or aggressive. For some, intelligence and integrity earns respect, for others itís perceived power, aggression and fear. The world needs to see a bit of this guy( http://youtu.be/vcbfobiHTCE 1:05 to 1:25). Dr. Paul must show some emotion towards others for not perusing peace and prosperity. Attack the others passionately for not being true conservatives and show some personal offense that they do not put the American people first. He needs to be offended when reporters ask rude and insulting questions. He shouldn't let the media disrespect him by not properly addressing him with his hard earned titles of Doctor and congressman Paul and he should correct them. Why does he let them get away with asking if he will endorse another candidate? Why not flip the question to "Why aren't they endorsing me?"? It would also serve him well to reverse the incessant fear mongering they use to trap him and use it to his advantage. When they beat the war drum he has to beat the anti war drum (if there is such a thing) with even more conviction.

Seize every opportunity to direct people to the internet using the MSM:

This is imperative. Ron Paul's campaign, being less well funded than others and ignored by the media, must use the MSM to get out this simple message- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON RON PAUL ONLINE. Having signs for people to see on T.V. and in person that either say YOUTUBE RON PAUL or GOOGLE RON PAUL is a good start. He needs to invite people to research him online during television interviews and speeches. Its a very simple idea that could yield phenomenal results for his campaign and the spreading of our message. Challenging people to check his history and credibility online is the most effective and efficient way to convert voters (though the MSM is starting to catch on and is trying to remove as many pro Paul videos from the web that they can). If Dr. Paul would end his interview responses with phrases like "I've been saying this for years and there's dozens of videos online to prove it" that would motivate people to do their own research and awaken. Think of the value of using free MSM coverage to get thousands of people to jump on their smart phones and computers to fact check Ron Paul. Iíve even seen Newter plug his website twice now on television and every time I think why doesnít Dr. Paul remind people that he has one too.

Call a Press Conference:

Dr. Paul needs to call at least one press conference to outline his most powerful and least known messages that appeal to the common man. Newt called one and Dr. Paul should do it also. He has the clout to ask for one and shouldn't hesitate until the media ignores him into oblivion. He should use the military band wagon message to get more people on board. He should tell the world (a little slower than he usually does) that he gets more donations than all of the other candidates combined and even the President and cite specific numbers and dollar amounts. Slowly explain the importance of this fact. Then he needs to explain how the others are funded by bankers and financial institutions and visual display this information. He should slowly explain that his campaign is funded largely by small donations made from "people like you." Bring to light the little know fact that Dr. Paul as president, would only except a salary of $39,000 and as congressman is refusing his congressional pension. This needs to be stated to prove that he is serving the public and is not for special interests. It will speak volumes if people could only hear it. He must remind people that he is in a head to head race with Obama in the polls and has been for months. Although he is a modest man not prone to speculation, he needs to promote himself better by citing every positive poll every time there is one no matter how temporary they may be.

Do something sensational (like win a state.....just joking):

I'm not sure what to say here as far as what the actual event could be but a media stunt would go a long way. Maybe somebody has some suggestions here. As an example, look at the Ralph Nader campaign the first time he ran for president. He was being ignored by the MSM much in the same way Ron Paul is right now. Nader's campaign decided to put out an ad imitating the MasterCard "priceless" ads. They were good and a few people probably saw them. Then MasterCard sued Nader's campaign(but lost) and the media went crazy. The campaign then enjoyed the benefit of every news station in the country repeating his ad and his name over and over again for free. It was genius. I'm not saying we should do that but in this country, sensationalism works. Maybe he could tease or leak the third party break to grab some headlines and airtime(even if all he is doing is denying it).

Tell us what to do:

The campaign needs an official centralized website to direct pro Paul supporters and activists in mass. MASS broadcasting is the idea here. There are thousands and thousands of unsatisfied Paulers out there who aren't directly connected to the campaign but would like to help. Tell 'em what to do. An easily accessible public outlet with general or specific instructions detailing where to go and what to do BEFORE the campaign even gets there is a must. It isnít a security risk for the campaign because the other campaigns simply donít have the motivation to do this. There needs to be a centralized place for downloadable campaign materials and media ( maybe downloadable sign stencils so peeps can make there own). If the campaign could direct people to place or hold signs in highly visible places saying YOUTUBE RON PAUL and GOOGLE RON PAUL it would give those who want to help but aren't sure how an objective. I know that thereís many people out there that canít afford to donate money but wouldnít mind putting up a sign or two if they could download them for free. Effectively located signs and advertisements are one of the best weapons we have against the MSM's repetition tactics and negative headline echo chamber especially if they motivate voters to research Ron Paul. Get that message there before the campaigns. Maybe there should be a link on the campaignís official site to this broad unified grassroots activist site. Neither the official campaign website or this forum(though I love it) accomplishes these tasks. The forum is great for disscussion we need something for instruction. There needs to be a much simpler way to broadcast unified grassroot campaign suggestions and objectives to the masses before the campaign arrives.