View Full Version : Use ROBOCALLS for GOTV!

02-08-2012, 05:58 PM
I just read Ben Swann's analysis about what happened in Nevada and I'm sick.


And I'm not mad at anyone for not doing more calls. What bugs me is why aren't we using robocalls for GOTV? I see using phone from home for voter identification. But anyone who is a real Ron Paul supporter should be happy to get a voice message from Dr. Paul saying "Please get out and vote today". If the software is set up right you won't get any "We're getting multiple calls from Paul people" especially if everybody knows not to make any calls because a computer using Ron's voice is doing it for us. Plus this would guarantee that everyone at least got called. Relying on people means that the people might come up short. This and postcard mailings to identified RP supports to "make sure you get out and vote on ____ 2012 and bring a friend" could do a better job of getting a turnout IMO. And if we really think that our < 30 voters aren't coming out[1] then maybe if they put their "I voted" sticker on the post card and came to the after campaign rally they would get free beer (or root beer if they don't drink like me or if they are under age like I was a few years ago....like 20 something years ago) that might get more youngsters coming out.

[1]Personally I think young Ron Paul supporters ARE showing up and at a much higher rate the their peers their age who do not support Ron Paul. The older crowd feels a need to vote even if they aren't really committed to any particular candidate until the last minute.