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02-08-2012, 03:42 PM
Special note for Maine: Because the caucuses are spread over several days, you can use the extra copies at caucuses that you can't participate in, but you can still hand out these cards/flyers.

I was at two Nevada caucus locations and convinced hundreds of voters by phone in Iowa and by door-to-door in Nevada. There's just a few things holding caucus attendees back from supporting Ron Paul: foreign policy and electability. I've put together a double-sided card or a half-page handout that you can mass produce at home or at a copy center. These points are those that got people to seriously consider Ron Paul. You probably only need a couple hundred pieces for your caucus location, so making ~50-100 copies and cutting it into 2 or 4 pieces should be good enough.

I would recommend using cardstock (~80lb paper) as opposed to usual copy paper, as it's sturdier and easier to hold and pass out. But regular paper is better than no paper! And same reasoning if you don't get everything aligned right or cut correctly -- as long as the text is legible, it's better than nothing at this point!

Print out either the single-sided flyer [download pdf] (http://ed.agadak.net/supervoter-card/2x-singleside.pdf) or double-sided card [download pdf] (http://ed.agadak.net/supervoter-card/4x-doubleside.pdf)
Bring to a copy center or just print all the copies at home
Cut into 2 flyers or 4 cards
Bring to caucus location 10 minutes before doors open (people will already be arriving)
Hold out the flyer/card showing the picture and ask "Do you want to beat Obama?"

Many people will just agree with you and take the card. If they ask for more, just direct them to the points on the card. Don't spend too much time on a single person unless you're running out of cards.


Here's example step 1 and step 3 of printing and cutting:

If you're really observant, you'll notice the double-sided is flipped upsidedown and some of the bottom/right edge is cut off. That's okay! We're not professional copiers or printers. It's good enough.

2 flyers and 4 cards done for super cheap in less than a minute!

02-09-2012, 01:45 AM
Looks good.

Minor comment: Instead of "Not even 1 cut", I would prefer to say "Nothing cut" or "No cut".

(Emphasizing 1 sounds like suspicious marketing hype to me.)

02-09-2012, 01:49 AM
The usual way of presenting this point is "Ron Paul cuts $1 trillion in federal spending in the very first year.. without cutting one penny from programs like social security or national defense." It drive home that nothing is cut, but it also implies that the plan was designed to not focus on social security.