View Full Version : CAMPAIGN : What the RP Campaign must do at EVERY rally/event !!

Lord Xar
02-06-2012, 01:25 PM
I am getting the feeling that many of the rallies/events are in need of some basic strategies to GOTV, get donations etc.. that they are ignoring. Keep in mind, I haven't been to any this time around (in cali), but my sense is they don't do what I am gonna mention. If they do, forgive me.

* Flyer for GOTV with primary/caucus info for the particular state they are currently in. Not long. poignant & to the point.
o Each door should have a volunteer handing this out to EVERYONE that walks in

2. Donation Tabling - Self explanatory

3. GOTV Tabling - Someone to answer questions or reiterate WHAT is in the flyer, and to take personal info for reminder/contact for GOTV

4. Pre-Ron Paul Speech: A surrogate/someone Must come out and give a 2-3 minute GOTV speech. Mention the tabling. Just 2-3 Minutes. Give general info ie.. Minn. Dems & Indies can re-register at the caucus area.

5. Post - Ron Paul Speech: Reiterate pre-speech, again. VERY short and succinct.

People are showing to rallies and not voting. They don't know about GOP or Open voting etc... Stop dropping the ball and get this done. I would be making sure every rally/event was dialed in with handout information and donation tabling. This stuff is about $200 extra per event. printouts/tabling etc..

ntoe: if they do this, please ignore.