View Full Version : The campaign needs to appeal to women voters with a simple positive message & BIG BUZZ !!!

02-05-2012, 05:25 PM
We need to get realistic. Most of the voters are not going to study monetary policy, macroeconomics, geopolitical history, or
research the opposing candidates and their voting records, positions, and personal history.

If they would do these things...of course, Ron Paul would be a " shoo in".

The campaign has also, heretofore, failed to make a strong appeal to women voters.

Ron Paul, as charming and endearing as he is, is not going to win votes for his photogenic qualities at age 75.

But we can still appeal with his character and "transformational powers".

His knowledge and wisdom can get America back on the right track...and in that way his ideas are VERY TRANSFORMATIONAL!

I suggest that the campaign get busy creating a new TV ad .....

Maybe an ad with Ron Paul as THE FROG PRINCE ! This would create quite a buzz, and would appeal to the women voters.

Positive message...the lowly frog ( the unassuming,humble,Ron Paul )...offers to get the "golden ball" that the Princess loves, but accidentally dropped into the pond...in return for being able to live in the palace with the Princess. She agrees...( thinking she won't really have to fulfill
her end of the bargain ), ...but then later the frog turns into a handsome prince who makes all of her dreams come true !

Translation: Ron Paul may not appear to be the most handsome leader, but he will show his "star qualities" if we just give him a chance.
He will deliver the lost " golden ball " and make things right and good again in America !

Here is the Fairy Tale...a classic...and don't we all like happy endings ???


02-05-2012, 07:04 PM
We should let Gingrich tear down Romney. And let Santorum tear down Romney and Gingrich.

Ron Paul can be the PRINCE and walk away with the crown!

We need positive messages SOON !