View Full Version : Trying for 2nd place not working; Campaign, please attack bailouts, Obamneycare and debts

02-05-2012, 02:20 PM
RP campaign, if you are reading this, note that aiming for the second spot has never worked in history. Try for the top position and you may slip to second. Try for second position and you will consistently come in third or last.

You need to stop being soft on Romney and get his voters to defect to RP. The messages of ending the fed, wall street bailouts, Obamneycare and debt limits should dominate the debates and ads. Trying to explain foreign policy needs to take a back seat. Very few care about foreign policy and those who do will not vote RP. Foreign policy is a weak topic and very few are swayed by that issue. Potential voters are looking for the right message on the economy and RP needs to focus on that message. ATTACK ROMNEY! He should not be treated with kid gloves.