View Full Version : "The issues" on the official website - Make it better

02-03-2012, 11:50 PM
There is so much more to love about Ron Paul than what is said there.
Make the pictures further apart and things easier to read. Post more video. Post more quotes.

It is just not impressive at first glance - please make it so.

Please design this section as though someone randomly decided to look into Ron Paul and you only have one chance to win them - Think about presentation then substance, then everything else. This section should be the trap everyone who goes to that websites gets caught in - America should spend at least 1 hour per citizen reading information there.
Lets win some people over!
It almost feels like the page was put there with a "ah, everyone knows where he stands anyway!" attitude.

Doug Wead should be involved. I love the way that guy explains Ron's positions.

02-04-2012, 01:03 AM
Dear Ron... Please pink butterflies on the homepage. thank you

Sorry I'm just kidding. It's about substance. Presentation is important but we don't need greek columns in Denver stadium. We need ideas and hard working people fighting for liberty.

The problem with a "Ron Paul summed up in ten lines" section is you can't sum it up that easily. I say focus on one thing Ron. Take everything back to something you are already passionate about. Liberty. Fight hard and play your game. We have a chance.

If anything I would put ten quotes on liberty by Ron Paul right on the fornt of the homepage. That should catch their eye.