View Full Version : Big Screen Bomb

02-02-2012, 09:07 AM
Imagine a looping video DVD of the best RP promotion materials.
Imagine a large body of RP supporters willing to be without their big screen TV & DVD Player for a period of time.
Imagine those RP supporters locate places of high traffic owned by Ron Paul supporters that would agree to
have the big screens/DVD set up for public display, running the loop, for a period of time.
Imagine that there is copious interesting materials at the display for folks to pick up.
Imagine that Joe Public walks by all these TVs for a period of time.
Imagine how that could offset the media black out of the networks!

Rough requirements
1. Decide on/Edit the video piece and distribute the production so that people can make their own
looping DVD. Its easy to modify the contents of production so that it can be burned as a looping DVD.
All the volunteers need is a DVD burner and simple DVD burning software.
2. Get the locations, perhaps national level can help identify.
3. Volunteer arrange for appropriate safe install, and agree to update/maintain periodically.
4. Remove their equipment when the program is over.

Just Sayin'