View Full Version : dailypaul.com problems

01-31-2012, 08:46 PM
Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place for this but i have tried contacting dailypaul.com and got no response.

I cant register on that site to post comments. If you click Join as an unregistered user you just end up at a 403 forbidden page. I think its a file permissions error. Its been like that for at least 3 days. I know this site is not responsible for dailypaul.com, but since i got no response from their contact form i was hoping someone on here had an account on there and could alert them to this problem.


Wayne Davis
02-26-2012, 04:56 PM
I've tried several times in the last few minutes to access the site. Either nothing at all has happened when I hit enter after typing in the URL, or I get a page with a red silhouette of Ron Paul's face in a circle and nothing else on the page. I finally got a Google search instead of the web page itself and up in the corner was the box informing us of their new privacy policies. Check out the new policies on PayPal as well. Legislation and the voice of the people are irrelevant. Washington Hacktivists have hijacked the internet. PayPal cites federal law, so there's no doubt that's where it's coming from.