View Full Version : Please support Libertarian Point. Fight to defend Ron Paul during southern primaries.

01-31-2012, 06:11 PM
Libertarian Point debut on March 3rd on WNOX 100.3 covering most of Tennessee and 4 other southern states ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT. Area's in Georgia, North Carolina,Kentucky, and Virginia would b covered by our FM political talk show. We also can gain a major amount of support from online listeners, and that would be huge to get us on the air. No support means no advertisers, which means we can't defend Dr.Paul in this HUGE market for Super Tuesday and the rest of the election! Please like the Libertarian Points Facebook page and help us defend Dr.Paul against the mainstream media. Our rates are below, we need 16 30 second spots to go live, or 8 one minute spots per week. If you would like to help us search for advertisers PM, and I will send you our presentation.


1. 30 Sec slot- $40
2. 30 Sec Slots $70
1. 1 minute slot $70

All packages include free voice over work if needed. Unlike many other radio show we also provide on air promotions with our advertising packages at no additional cost. We must be live before Super Tuesday to help push Paul to victory. RON PAUL 2012

I promise I don't mean to be a spammer, but this could be huge for Dr.Paul in the southern primaries. RON PAUL 2012

01-31-2012, 06:44 PM
do you know anyone else from the forums or movement in your area who can vouch for you?

01-31-2012, 07:47 PM
Not from the forum, but if you would like to add me on Facebook I have people from my area that can.