View Full Version : Ron should publicly challenge the other candidates to a debate next week.

01-30-2012, 06:45 PM
We need to get our message out and this will be very tough to do the next couple of weeks. Why? Because there are no debates for about a month (if then they even happen at all)...we're entering a multi-state period where things become exponentially more expensive...and as the race becomes more national, the public's dependence on the national media for campaign information will grow (bad for Ron Paul for obvious reasons). Worse...we could reach a fake tipping point in which the media anoints Mitt the nominee (even though he doesn't have the delegates) and it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy with sheeple.

The solution would be to publicly challenge the other candidates to a debate in one of the upcoming states holding a contest. Ideally this would a PBS debate and/or Internet one as these are the most fair...and everybody gets PBS so ratings could be good. I'm sure a college campus in say Colorado or Minnesota would be willing to host just such an event.

The other candidates actually might be willing to partake. Santorum is running out of money so probably would jump at the chance to get his message out without having to do expensive campaigning. Mitt and Newt both fancy themselves great debaters so may be willing as well. Newt's cash reserves are good but not great and he may like the debate idea for the same reason that Santorum would. Mitt would probably be the toughest to rope in if he wins Florida...but he would probably go along as he would realize that it would look very bad for him to deny a debate in one of these upcoming contest states (especially in say Minnesota where is supposedly losing to Newt).

Good idea? If we have to depend on buying expensive tv ads and getting positive spins from the media, I fear our message will not reach a critical mass.