View Full Version : How to reach senior citizens and middle-aged women voters...and convert them to Ron Paul

01-30-2012, 03:43 PM
Here are some of the unique advantages Ron Paul's policies offer to these voters:
( Please suggest others ...)

The Ron Paul campaign could support our outreach to the aged 55 and older group ( as well as the middle-aged women ), by capitalizing on the following truths:

1) Senior citizens often are forced to live on fixed income. That means that they need to have their purchasing power preserved, or else they will find themselves
in more and more difficulty paying their bills.

Only Ron Paul is offering to push for auditing the FED, in order to abolish the FED. The Federal Reserve dollar-digital-entry to infinity model is continuously
devaluing our currency , and robbing all of us...but most painfully the people on fixed incomes.

2) Many, if not most of these seniors and middle-aged women , have children. They SHOULD be interested in what sort of legacy their generation is leaving their
children and grandchildren.

Only Ron Paul is working to preserve our freedom, (repeal NDAA )...our privacy and dignity, ( repeal Patriot Act and eliminate TSA ), and will use diplomacy
to avoid more wars, ( enjoy prosperity with the " peace dividend " ).

3) The taxation issue should be of concern to many of these people too. Do they even realize that the estate taxes are about to increase dramatically under
Obama ? Do they understand that the TARP bailouts by Obama, but also approved by Romney, Gingrich , and Santorum also constitute a devaluation of our
US dollar , and are a tax on all of us?

Only Ron Paul will work to eliminate the estate taxes entirely...and would allow failing businesses with foolish, incompetent management ( WALL STREET BANKS )
to fail.

4) Do these seniors understand that Obamacare could be an actual " DEATH SENTENCE " for these people, since Obamacare has stipulations to DENY LIFE-SAVING

Romney and Gingrich and Santorum cannot be trusted to get rid of Obamacare, because their voting records and governing records show that they are all
big-spending, big government -loving officials.

Only Ron Paul will advocate for these older people, and will return medical care back to the doctor/patient relationship without bureaucratic middle-men
working against both doctors and patients.

Can we work with any senior advocacy group on this ...and get their endorsement ?

01-30-2012, 04:30 PM
Latest census figures show the American population to be ~ 308 million. Of this group, 24% are under age 18 ( non-voters ).
There are 35 million people aged 55 years and older. This age group has a very high % of voters.

So if we can persuade them to support Ron Paul, using facts and statements that show his policies are in their best interests....then we should be able to capture
many of these votes.

01-30-2012, 06:53 PM
Remind them of the money they used when they were younger, before 1965. How much
they could buy with a little of that change. That was sound money. Ron Paul wants to
return to the use of it and it's buying power.

Remind them of how strong and respected America was before involvement in undeclared and
unjust wars. That is the America Ron Paul wants to get back.

Remind them how little the national debt was then. And how little most Americans were indebted.
That's the sound financial policies that Ron Paul wants to return to.

Remind them how free they were to travel anywhere in the world without their patriotism questioned
at airports. That is the freedom Ron Paul wants back for them.