View Full Version : So what happens if he actually wins Maine?

01-29-2012, 08:56 PM
Will the media even cover the Maine caucus? Would Ron get a slight bump, possibly enough to help out his finishes in Minnesota and Nevada. Is Maine proportional, or winner take all for delegates? And is it an open or closed primary? Lots of q's but I think Ron has a very good chance, considering he's the only candidate even campaigning in the state.

01-30-2012, 01:28 PM
my prediction for IF he wins Maine: would result in great additional free exposure in Maine, but largely ignored by national media...

that being said, it will give him a boost in Minnesota and Nevada, but nothing crazy imho

01-30-2012, 01:30 PM
Maine's straw poll results won't be released until February 11, after Nevada, Colorado and Minnesota's caucuses.

01-30-2012, 01:31 PM
They will report on Romney and Gingrich skipping Maine to go campaign in State D and skip mentioning anything else about the Maine results.

01-30-2012, 01:34 PM
The sewer stream news will ignore it just like they ignoring Maine Caucus.

01-30-2012, 04:07 PM
NV needs to be the catalyst for any boost in early Feb, since they are the first contest to report results on 2/4. A good NV finish could help in MN (polling shows largely undecided voters there) and, although to a lesser degree, help in CO too.

01-30-2012, 04:13 PM
A win in Maine will at least put Paul on the board with a state victory. Then he has to try like crazy to win at least a few states on super tuesday. If he does that then with a win in California and he could be the front runner. He can still pull this out and win it.

01-30-2012, 11:08 PM
As Maine goes...so goes the nation, friends...no longer will they be able to say he cannot win a state.

01-30-2012, 11:18 PM
Yep, let's hope that from now on, Maine is the bellweather. So many things changing this election. Old reliable indicators proving inaccurate. For one, South Carolina's winning streak is done, obviously. New ones will take their place.

01-30-2012, 11:36 PM
Let's hope it comes back around here..."Maine's September election of a governor predicted the party outcome of the November presidential election in presidential election years from 1832 (if not earlier) through 1844, in 1852, from 1860 through 1876, in 1888, from 1896 through 1908 and from 1920 through 1932."

01-30-2012, 11:37 PM
Hi Folks;
I'm from the great state of Maine born and raised here...my family settled the town where I live...been a lover of liberty for as long as I can remember. At any rate, friends, as you may know, while Dr. Paul was up here he stopped in to see Maine's Governor Paul LePage. http://bangordailynews.com/2012/01/28/politics/lepage-ron-pa...
What I'd kindly ask of my fellow Ron Paul supporters, is a charge of emails, calls, and letters to Maine's Governor.
Words cannot express how much easier this could make our job here in Maine. Don't get me wrong, things look good, but Ron Paul has now thrown the ball in Lepage's court. Gov. Lepage ran as a constitutional conservative and did remarkable in a crowded field drawing independents over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uu-N2FpwGDI
Having had the ability to work on both their campaigns, I can tell you that with out us, the RP supporters, help...Paul LePage would not be Governor. (He) The governor knows this, and appreciates the people who champion the cause of liberty in this state. Let's let him know we are paying attention, appreciate him listening to Dr. Paul, and push him along. It is a situation where he must be nudged a little.
An endorsement would really help us seal the deal wit the undecided who might stay home.
Short and sweet will do the trick.

Please join us in encouraging and thanking.
http://www.dailypaul.com/209803/write-paul-lepage-please Gov. LePage's support!
A very humble thank you in advance to all my fellow RP supporters. Go get 'em. RP2K12!

01-31-2012, 06:20 AM
The answer is simple. If he is able to win any of the three caucuses that precede Maine, then a win in Maine will be covered more extensively and will mean more to voters in upcoming contests. If he does not win any of the other three, then Maine will likely be written off as a one off state and Paul will get little if any momentum from the win going into the AZ & MI primaries.

01-31-2012, 07:08 AM
I look forward to being able to say: "Remember the Maine! To hell with the same!"

02-01-2012, 12:50 PM
They will minimize it as much as possible but as others here have said, the important thing is that it will break the ice so to speak. If he can win one state he can win any state and when people see this I think it will help him a lot.

02-01-2012, 02:12 PM
I think it'll give him a little bit of a boost but the MSM will try their hardest to downplay his win and try to immediately move on to the next contest.

02-01-2012, 03:00 PM
We really have to win multiple of these upcoming caucuses for it to explode. But if we do, explode it will. Wide open.

Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Maine. These are the key states. These are the contests which determine whether Jesse Benton goes down in history as the greatest and most brilliant campaign manager of all time. Win three of them, and it's a whole new ballgame, boys and girls.

02-01-2012, 06:54 PM
I look forward to being able to say: "Remember the Maine! To hell with the same!"

Me, too! +rep!





02-03-2012, 12:58 AM
I emailed LePage

02-03-2012, 10:21 PM
A win in Maine would give us media coverage. I'm not saying how much or how little, but some coverage would come out of it. I believe that would be a good thing too.

02-03-2012, 10:45 PM
I think any coverage would be great, but the biggest boon would be online, where the real media is now anyway. Man... I hope some wins come trickling in soon...

02-08-2012, 09:37 AM
If I were the campaign I would persue a Maine-Washington-North Dakota strategy, followed by a Texas-Louisiana strategy and finished with an Oregon-California push at the end.

Badger Paul
02-08-2012, 10:03 AM
Here's why a lone single victory is important, even in a caucus:

If there are a lot of voters who like RP but believe he can't winning, well winning a state, even a small one like Maine, ends that argument.

If there are a lot of voters who think RP is "crazy", winning ends that argument. Because crazy people don't win whole states.

So by winning in Maine, beating Romney again, not only damages his brand it improves ours tremendously because it gets rid of two arguments that holds back a lot of non-aligned voters. You can't call us fringe if we win a state. Our legitimacy soars if this happens. That's what at stake in Maine.

02-08-2012, 10:13 AM
We just take it out.

02-08-2012, 10:14 AM
If I were the campaign I would persue a Maine-Washington-North Dakota strategy, followed by a Texas-Louisiana strategy and finished with an Oregon-California push at the end.

I also wouldn't count out Alaska and Idaho caucuses on Super Tuesday.

02-08-2012, 10:00 PM
I'm scared for voter fraud. If the votes are being sent to the state GOP, there is no telling what they will do.

02-08-2012, 10:02 PM
We just take it out.

That is exactly what happened in Iowa, Ron Paul won it and they took it out!