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06-18-2007, 02:04 PM
I've cross posted this here as, IMO, a key "Strategy for Success" is getting IT folks dialoguing nationally about tech issues. The 14 posts in the Tech section are woefully inadequate. We've got some serious problems (eg meetup.com) and need to solve them quickly.

So, here is an invitation to join the Ron Paul National Grassroots Technology Group <natltechlist@ronpaulaustin.com>. This list is to discuss all IT matters, including but not necessarily limited to:

1) Web development (HTML/CSS, Content Management systems eg Drupal)
2) PHP/MySQL implementations (Advokit / CiviCRM)
3) DBA issues, database structure and scaling, warehousing strategies
4) Server side issues; DNS, Apache, Mail Servers
5) Data Mining via Perl etc

If you wish to sign up, go here:


Your participation is welcome, and please, spread the word. The goal here is to concentrate the national pool of Ron Paul technoids. We especially need folks with the "harder" skill sets (Unix Admins, RDBMS Pros, PHP Gurus, Perl Masters).