View Full Version : Change "cut military spending" to "cut WASTEFUL militarism + WELFARE for dictators"

01-28-2012, 12:44 PM
Ron Paul tries hard to distinguish MILTARY spending from DEFENSE spending. He wants to cut the first one. I see his point, you see his point, but I think the average voter sometimes doesn't.
Therefore I think it might be helpful to use more colourful language. Instead of saying "We need to cut military spending", RP could say "we need to cut wasteful militarism and welfare for dictators".

By using these phrases, RP would point out that:

1.) There is such a thing called wasteful military spending. The emphasis has to be on WASTE. He started doing this in a recent SC debate:


Doug Wead also regulary uses the phrase: "RP doesn't want to send our young people overseas to die for some Pentagon contractor" (start watching at about 3:30).


Republicans could also come arround when they get to see what Donald Rumsfeld had to say on September 10th (yes: 10) 2001. He said that the Pentagon can't account for $ 2.3 trillion dollars. That was before the Bush administration drastically increased the DoD budget after 9-11. Rumsfeld also called "the Pentagon bureaucracy... a threat closer to home"


2.) Foreign aid is nothing but welfare for foreign dictators. The regular RP phrase that foreign aid is giving money to rich foreigners, taking it from poor Americans is already great. But I think by using the word "WELFARE" it could be simplified.
For more on the phrase "welfare for dictators" read this: http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2011/06/26/pentagon-billions-are-flowing-to-middle-east-dictators.html