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01-28-2012, 03:35 AM
Freedom is the Solution

I Education

A. Issues with education

1. Socialized- Unbreakable tie to the government debt system due to the human element
2. Efficiancy- Poor educational quality and various evidences of extreme cases throughout the nation
3. Public Sector Unions- 2nd Unbreakable tie is the power of the teacher's lobbies and support of the media
4. Rhetoric- Not much of a chance of spinning your way out of it when they own it lol

B. Solutions to Education
1. Free Market- Offer the option of free market education OR that provided by the state
2. Choice- Efficiency is improved through competition and choice to include that of public schools. Do not advocate the elimination of Public schools simply offer parents a voucher (equal in value) or public education each year.
3. Private Sector Unions- (once implemented) It is assumed that overtime more people will automatically of their own free will. Therefore there will be less and less hiring of public school employees. This places the problem on the private sector who are much less politically involved and controversial. Not many school levies to imrove teachers pay in the private sector lol.
4. Honesty- First the government takes their money without consent. Then if the taxpayer has children they mandate the child receive education. The tax payer PAYs for Public education BUT if he chooses an alternative he is ripped off and lied too. All we ask is offer a choice. What is the harm in that? Shouldn't people be FREE to Choose public education OR a voucher of an exact equal cost???? That destroys the rhetoric of the argument. Freedom is a solution in all things even politics.

End Result- We win. People at the very least have a right to choose where their taxpayer money goes. I don't personally want public education at all but if we are going to be forced to pay for it then why shouldn't we have an option? That's a sentiment easily generated because it is honest. And the results of that legislation are VERY positive. At the very least we have won a small battle for freedom by allowing more choice. Or the best case scenario is within a generation 80% of the population is in a rich and healthy private sector educational system which also offers great variety and freedom. That is up to them.

II. Corporatism, Taxation, and Political Expedience

A. Issues

1. Control- Either powerful lobbies control policy or powerful radicals who use lobbies control policy. The Tax code is also used as a weapon. All power of regulation and taxation lies with the highest bidder. That means the ability to weild government against a rival industry is very lucrative indeed.
2. Damage- Because of political corporatism we now have all kinds of damage such as the death of small business, death of opportunity, death of upward momentum on the wealth scale, and death of US industry.
3. Rhetoric- VERY powerful on this issue. Atm wealth distribution is a major one (which although true completely misrepresented to destroy the free market when in fact the cause of the upward distribution is monetary policy and regulation) The rhetoric is so powerful it is impossible to outright defeat.

B. Solutions
1. Freedom- To block control of the lobbies and prevent the damage to upward mobility which is key to a free society you must rationally eliminate the control process from those who obviously shouldn't be a part of it. Therefore small businesses earning under 1 million (or whatever you want) dollars a year should not be subject to Federal Regulation or Taxes in any way shape or form. 90% of businesses that size are locally owned and containing no more than a few locations.
2. Benefits- First and foremost freedom. Obviously an economy based on small business is good for upward mobility. It would allow the growth and distribution of products by less educated people especially in those states who had limited regulation and taxation for them. Possibly many RED states follow the example of the Federal Government and people will be able to open and run msot small businesses without intervention. It creates a new type of economy (especially if aligned with an honest currency) where the role of corporate business is more efficient as providers of goods and small businesses are more efficient as distribution points creating a situation where one needs the other rather than stomps on it.
3. Honesty- We can compeltely avoid rhetoric on this issue and score a major victory for freedom here. Most of the rhetoric is directed at the bad business practices of large entities. Not only are small entities so numerous and hard to keep track of but they will belong to the people. Anyone who disagrees with this will have a very weak argument if they want to appear as "pro-small business" lol. The worst rheotirc they could come up with is lack of regulation in food goods and dangerous consumption ect ect....... Which is easily countered because ALL of THAT regulation is local and state (Other than the FDA) and not effected by this approach.

End Result- again more freedom. Every inch we take back will grow into a mile. If we win this victory then within a generation small business will be alive and well. Not only is this idea a good one for growth ect but it's the type of apprach which will resonate with people and therefore protect itself. We have to understand that Liberals and Democrats WILL continue their war on Economic Freedom. This idea essentially throws up a roadblock by not only preventing them from harming upward mobility and granting the,selves more power BUT Narrowing the debate. From that point on the debate on regulation will be about that of the largest and biggest companies which will throw all democrats a bone and taxpayers a clue lol.

III. Monetary Policy

A. Issues
1. FED- Overly Powerful Regulatory Board known as the Federal Reserve
2. Power of the FED- Actions of the Fed are often pre-emptive strikes on the economy to fix this or that anticipated bubble. Such actions when mismanaged are very dangerous to the health of the economy. One need only to read a 10 page history of the great depression to find out why.
3. Entrenched Power- The power of the system is broad. The Fed has authority via law and they can retaliate to any political entity which tries to reduce their power.
4. Banking- Its reliant on the Federal Reserve system as is the entire nation and government. Debt of any kind can be traced to the Fed in some way or another.

B. Solutions
1. From Regulators to Rules- If the overall problem of the Fed is the amount of power then obviously Freedom is the perfect solution. However we have a history of free monetary policy and we find that in comparison it worked VERY well but was undesireable to the people. We will not be able to get a free monetary policy overnight. Step one is to step down from regulator's ie the FED and move to rules and law. We Need a perfect equation which will slide and be flexible within a flexible system yet a function of law not regulation.
2. Power of the Rules- Using rules instead of regulators means a system change. If the new system grants as much block power as the old one we'll have the same problem. Instead tie the system to other entities as our founders did in the constitution. Spread out the power. First move to an activity tax system. We need a flexible inflationary rate which will accurately determine the amount of money to print based on growth. So create an activity tax system and use an equation for the inflation rate. Cross revenues from year to year with tax rates and create the amount of money to accurately represent growth in the nations economy. As a failsafe give authority to change the equation but spread THAT power out as well. The spread needs to be vertical and horizontal (Vertical-Local, State, Federal ect) (Horizontal- Legislature, Executive Judicial ect ect.) The best thing the founders did was divide power.
3. inating the Fed will be nearly impossible at first. Ron Paul.... talk about the Fed to spread the message. But you have to broaden the message of freedom as a solution to get regular people to connect the dots here. This issue is complicated. Ultimately the argument is the Federal Reserve is corrupt and we want a less controlled system. convincing people of that is VERY difficult. Furthermore the FED will collapse the economy to keep their power. There is no doubt. The last central bank collapsed the economy to get Andrew Jackson Voted out. He outlasted them and eliminated America's second central bank. We face the same challenge.
4. The connectivity of the Feds power is far and wide. Their original purpose was to prevent runs on banks by offering collateral to banks which found themselves short of deposits due to the fractional reserve system. Because of this all decisions regarding lending in America happened at the central bank. If the Fed had low interest rates then common banks could easily borrow money. Being that their business was loans the ease of credit from the FED led to increased lending which helped set up the housing collapse. (It acted as the amplifier and turned a small crisis into a depression) Until we can convert to a more free economy that role of the FED has to be taken over by congress. Congress needs to have lines of credit available to banks ect but no individual power over the ability to control interest rates. Thus providing a third cog in the system. Congress will have to set aside money to back banks in case of a run but if and when those banks needed a line of credit they borrowed it at the pre-determined interest rates which are again connected to taxes. So the only way a bank can easily borrow money is if taxes are low because the Equation is based on taxation. This means money will be more flexible and likely to come back. This is an unfortunate evil. I don't want the government lending money to banks. But it is what it is and we have to find ways to ween our systems off this abuse over the last 100 years.

End Result- If we have an activity based Fair Tax which is a direct mirror of the economy we can place a flexible inflationary equation into the tax system itself thus eliminating the ability of lawmakers to change it at their whim. Second take the power to adjust the equation and spread it out through different levels of government. Seperation of powers leads to more honest government. And if congress wants to print more money to bring us out of a recession they would ALSO have to simultaneously lower the activity tax lol which also reinforces the longevity of the solutiom by providing a stable and people friendly economy. Provide the capital and stability of the Government until you can reduce federal power in other ways. The FED will take a generation or so to eliminate funnly. In the meantime we need t find ways to set up automatic reductions in power. We need tos tructure the system in such a way that it will ween itself off. Monetary Policy is not easy. Please feel free to contribute. I haven't got this idea hammered down yet. It's missing something. But the premise of a perfect equation based on an activity tax is a good one. Rules instead of regulators to provide the balance between Liberals and Conservatives but also strip the power of a dangerous entity.

III Information Domination and Media Propaganda

A. Issues
1. Freedom of Information- Nothing is more important. The freedom of the media to spread propaganda is paramount to a free society. We might not like it but that RIGHT must be protected.
2. Monopoly Media- Most media outlets have become very corporate in nature. They have naturally grouped themselves together along certain lines. There is still a free market approach to media in the sense of variety but the players are very few and very big. This monopoly includes hollywood.
3. Propaganda- an information war has broken out between the sides. Everything is very polarized and it's spread to the consumers. Everyday people are fighting over lies and nobody knows whats true because it's 100% editorialized.
4. Division- Rarely is a Democracy truly United on anything other than nationalism. However the division and the power and the structure of this problem have never been seen before. America is already a diverse place with different people and cultures. The end results of division are the loss of freedoms. The people will turn on themselves as enemies instead of brothers. Therefore laws will be made to limit the freedoms of the other. That's the beginning of the loss of the First Amendment.

B. Solutions

1. Freedom of Information- One word..... the internet
2. Media Monopoly- Economic History Tells us that Monopolies are born and Monopolies fall. Mainly because of new technology and markets. The beauty of freedom is it's unlimited potential in everything. Even when markets are seized they will eventually do away. Which brings us to the Internet. The greatest tool in human history to freely exchange information. This MUST not under any circumstances be limited. Our fight is not to break up the coprorate news media. Our fight is to preserve the freedoms of the new market so that IT will eventually diminish the corporate empire.
3. Propaganda- There are only two ways to overcome propaganda. One is to create your own more powerful form. The other is for the people to educate themselves and learn to overcome it. Unfortunately for us the only way which is acceptable to a believer in freedom is the latter and that is very difficult to acheive. However Humankind is driven by spirit and once again ne technologies are the key. I did not go to college. I am completely self educated from the internet. I've learned about Austrian Economics. Watched every video on Milton Freidan and eventually ordered Capitalism and Freedom from Amazon.com. We have to rely on the Human Spirit to educate itself. The best thing we can do is again make sure there is a free unregulated internet.
4. Division- Once again there will always be division in a free society. However the way we overcome misconceptions about people is to know them. Today mankind has a chance to know the other people like never before. We have the single greatest forum in the world. Liberty is not about agreement. Liberty is about mutual respect for the others rights. The internet can only help because it ties the world together.