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Voluntary Man
01-26-2012, 11:23 AM

The Militant Statist Media loathes Ron, because, as we discovered (<as a result of the partial Fed audit Ron was able to muscle through the House and Senate) recently, the MSM's bread is being buttered by the Fed, of whom Ron is the only sincere high profile critic.


Ron's supporters respond to criticism and blackouts with frontal assaults, which is neither an intelligent nor a productive reaction -- but is definitely a predictable and programmed one. Remember, the American Revolution (from the revolutionary soldiers' perspective) was not a conventional war, but a guerrilla campaign (relax; it's an allegorical comparison).


Pretend (for our purposes) that the MSM doesn't even exist (to an extent). No amount of letter-writing or boycotting is ever going to persuade Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, O'Reilly, Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. to deliver our message for us. Forget it. Stop wasting valuable time, energy, resources, and talent on futile efforts.

The commercial length tubes produced by some of the video editors here are absolutely brilliant....but not enough. We need to employ the same talents to produce (quickly) a two hour documentary-style production (30-45 minutes, minimum). This production will, obviously, be hosted on line, and made available for download, but must also immediately and aggressively find its way into as many brick and mortar venues as possible. We must move our digital campaign outside the net.

I recommend cable access channels, churches, and small local (independent) theaters, of course. When hosted at a theater, supporters should invite as many friends, family, and neighbors as we can persuade to attend.

Make copies of the movie, and distribute to as many potential Republican primary/caucus voters within your circle of influence who you can persuade to watch it. When you give it to them, get a commitment that they'll watch it, and tell you what they think, after.

Host Ron Paul parties (dinner parties, church socials, cocktail parties, keggers, whatever), and open with a viewing of The Ron Paul Movie. This provides material and opportunity for discussion afterwards.

All other futile activities need to cease, and our talents, resources, and energies need to be focused on this project, immediately (IMO). There is no need to re-invent the wheel, since nearly all of the material we'll need for this production already exists on line, in one form or another; it just needs to be collected, coordinated, and consolidated by people who know what they're doing.


We have done an excellent job recruiting paleocons, libertarian-leaners, independents, and disaffected Democrats (the new "Reagan Democrats") to our ranks, but we need to target this production to the Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly audiences.This needs to be a tool for persuading the 33%-ers (Republican primary voters who have been persuaded by Fox and neocon talk radio that they need another option) that Ron Paul is the other option.


This production needs to address Christian values, 2nd Amendment (who do you think GOA & JPFO support), abortion, states rights, foreign policy (especially regarding Iran/Israel), income tax, fiat currency (the economy), the social contract position on social security, illegal immigration, and the de-industrialization of America... All from a traditional conservative perspective. The hijacking of conservatism by the neocons should also be addressed (ignorance among people who identify themselves as "conservative" is our biggest obstacle to nomination).

Should include pictures and stories from Ron's early days (include lots pf pictures of him in his military uniform and playing baseball). Ron's brother Wayne may be able to provide some color). Should also include an interview with Carol, if possible, and lots of pictures of her, the children, grandchildren, and even some of his son the
Senator (but don't over play that; we don't want people thinking "President Rand," instead of "President Ron").

If you don't feel like posting here, please feel free to PM me, anytime.