View Full Version : Alternate campaign materials ala 08?

01-26-2012, 10:28 AM
The grassroots is in swing in Vermont for our open primary on March 6. On the ground we are finding more enthusiastic support and a greater number of people interested in Ron Paul coming from the "left" than we are among establishment Republicans-- which tend to be Romney moderates. Many of us from VT helped efforts in different parts of NH. I was in Coos county and we primarily focused on undeclared voters with the superbrochures. One reason is that most of the registered Republicans had already received them in the mail. Coming into Vermont and using the superbrochures is part of our canvasing strategy here. Most of us feel we're going to have a tough sell using the official campaign materials outside of small pockets of specific interest. It's what we have so we'll use them but we have resources to allocate to materials and want to spend the money on something more like what we had in 08.

The slim jims were broad based and issue specific.They made you feel good about the guy when you read them. They were geared toward all Ron's supporters, not just Republicans. We desperately need something like this. Something that doesn't ask for a donation but gives you a multitude of reasons for to vote for him. My grandiose wish is for something like a superbrochure which focuses in on Ron's more classical liberal positions without calling it that. Something that addresses our civil liberties violations, the wars, food and health freedom, veterans rights-- perhaps like some of the 08 slim jims that say a bullet point and cite specific legislation Ron has introduced.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I've looked into retooling some of these old ones, updating them for 2012 and having them printed locally but it's very expensive and we have limited funds.