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11-11-2007, 05:05 PM

Just had a though while perusing a few political blogs out there. The reputation that the MSM has pushed about Ron Paul Supporters being very vocal and passionate in their support for the Good Doctor, while being true, may be having an unintended consequence.

I know this has been touched upon over the past several days, but lets keep our outreach and support with the rest of the interwebs and their real world establishments polite and on point in regards to policy. If someone mentions Ron Paul in a less than favorable light, we must keep our heads and win on policy, not on anger.

From what I can see, we are having the unintended effect of scaring bloggers and websites from mentioning Paul at all (to an extent). They fear that if they mis quote or voice their opinions on him, they will be overwhelmed with negative RP supporters.

We can win on policy and ideas alone. Some passion sprinkled in is okay, but now that the campaign is reaching a tipping point towards main stream acceptance (NH 7% today...AP wire), it's time for us to batten down the hatches, put on our "suits and ties", and win on ideas, win on truth, win on leadership, win on quality. Great thing is, we really do believe what we preach. Ron Paul really does believe the ideas he forwards (I'm preaching to the choir here, I know). Our ideas are right, each of our supporters do so because it's right, not popular.... The other campaigns DREAM of this. Hillary, Obama, Romney and Guilani have supporters only because they've thrown MONEY out and fished votes back in. Lying in bed at night, they only dream of supporters like RP supporters...

The two parties are about to come at us big time. The MSM doesn't know what to do. They've been told that we're a "joke", but we're making BIG news, shaking the campaign, and they're not quite sure how to cover us....They're waiting for marching orders from their "Handlers": It's like the mafia, when the "familes" go against each other, they have rules they follow and if either wins, well that's acceptable. But when a third party walks into the neighborhood, the powers that be join together and try to smash their opponent with all they have, as quickly as possible.

The larger we grow, the less chance we can be smashed. The more we push our sound ideas and policy, the more we grow. The RP campaign just reached adolescence. We've made a few mistakes, but now it's time to set our jaw, and dive into the fray.

Our snowball is rolling. People are starting to pause, and take another look at us. They know we're serious. They know we're something they never considered before. People are very social creatures. When they see that it costs very little (metaphorically) to support us, then they join. You patriots have paid a lot to support RP early on. I wish I had been in from the get-go, been an "Patriot" early on. I'm in for the long haul now though. Why? Not because it now costs "little" to support the campaign, but because I've seen what it will cost me, on various levels, if I DONT support Ron Paul. That's what we have to make the rest of the country see. It's now or never!

(Am I way off the mark here? close? right on?)

Thank you.