View Full Version : Suggestion on deflation

01-24-2012, 11:57 AM
Should Paul use compassion as a way of progressing deflation back into our economy? Here is what I want to hear Paul the campaign advertise. This might help influence Social Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Almost everyone!

"Capitalism has become corrupted to it's core. It's meaning has turned on its head to be thought of as selfish and profiteering. True capitalism is the opposite of selfish behavior or big corporate profits. Deflation is the natural evolution of a economy. As compassionate people compete to lower the price of their own labour, prices fall. This very act allows buyer to save money. These savings are then reinvested to create new jobs to cause more deflation. Deflationary Capitalism can help us create a society were food is kept low for the starving, were homes are cheap for the homeless, were medicine is cheap for the sick and were jobs are available to the unemployed. It is people who create a compassionate and innovative society, not corporations, not financial institution and definitely not government.

Once upon a time America existed this way, before 1913 when the Fed began huge inflation. More so than today before the depression. The depression was a time when huge numbers of compassionate people, who kept prices low in the jobs they worked, couldn't afford inflation and had to seek work in rich corporations"

Can we have this brought up please? A lot of people still don't get it.