View Full Version : How Dr. Paul and the Campaign Presents Himself

01-23-2012, 07:15 PM
Articles like the following hurt the campaign, but they have only used material that Dr. Ron Paul and the campaign have released. I think that the campaign and Dr. Paul should change the message that is being sent.

A quotation regarding Florida:

"In his speech after the South Carolina primary Saturday night (in which Paul finished fourth, with 13 percent of the vote), Paul told supporters, "We will certainly be promoting this in the most frugal way.”

He also emphasized what his goal is right now: "In the beginning, I thought it would just be promotion of a cause. Then it dawned on me, when you win elections and you win delegates, that’s the way you promote a cause.”"

These kinds of statements are really damaging because voters are getting the message that he is not interested in winning: he is more interested in promoting his cause. He gives credence to this belief by taking opportunities in the debates to make statements such as "we have to wake up that our foreign policy is not working..." etc which while although true, have too much of a preachy feel to it and is a turn-off. I think that Dr. Paul should give clear statements that he is in this to win the nomination and will do whatever it takes. The populace should not hear the strategy of slowly getting a lot of delegates because while it is logical, no one wants to vote for a candidate that they think will not win, even if it is the best candidate. If Ron Paul can demonstrate that he is going all out in the campaign it could be the factor that swings large groups of voters away from Romney and Gingrich and to Paul. Americans already believe in the values that Ron Paul is fighting for. They don't need to be convinced of that, they only need to feel that Ron Paul is taking this election seriously, and not to promote a cause, but to be President.

A better way to handle the Florida issue (which I am copying from another thread that I thought was well-written):
^^^ Yes indeed, there were poor decisions announcing that and even Jesse Fumbled on MSNBC yesterday about Florida, which of course, the Main Stream Media is now running with. "Paul not running in Florida..."
"Paul just collecting delegates in some states, not campaigning in others."

You never reveal your hand to the enemy... lie through your teeth if you have to, especially to the enemy media. It just gives them more ammo.

I would of stated to all campaigners/media/audiences... ONTO Florida! We have grassroots and the people on our side waiting for us...