View Full Version : Two General Ideas for the Ron Paul Campaign

01-23-2012, 12:05 PM
First. My motives:

I want Ron Paul to win the nomination, and I KIND of would like to see him beat Obama in the general election. However, I'm nervous about him actually being president, because if anyone here understands Austrian economics. [I will assume they do] I would rather not see any self described free market president preside over what will be a very bad recession, in the likely event that a paul president could not, without the help of a substantial number of ron-paul like-congressman and senators, actually institute the right reforms.

However, the more media exposure Paul gets, the more media exposure is given to good economics and good political philosophy... Getting as close as possible to winning is probably more important than actually winning this election.


I have two unrelated suggestions for ways in which the Paul Campaign can get people's attention. The first one is one I had recently thought about, and I do not know if anyone has suggested it before. I apologize in advance if these suggestions were already made.

Part of the reason Newt Did so well in Florida is because, beyond merely attacking Obama, Newt attacked an enemy that everyone on the Right hates; the Media.

I would personally suggest RP supporters and the Doctor himself to perhaps try launching their own attacks against the media when limited opportunities to 'say something' to the public through the antiquated medium of television arise. Doctor Paul obviously has more reason to hate the media than Newt.

Since most all republicans agree that the "Liberal"-[misused word]-mainstream media is the epitome of all evil, and they would likely agree with the formula that if the Media hates a candidate, he's good, many of them would probably accept the equation that Paul is the best candidate on grounds of being despised by the media. In a sense, telling them to vote for Paul just to spite the media.

Like I said, the Attacks against the media and the arguments about paul being the best Candidate by virtue of the criteria mentioned can probably be made at an individual level, but also through through campaign Ads, or by Paul himself during a debate.


My Second suggestion:

I'm sure most of you have seen or at least heard of the Dark Knight Movie. If you are, you're probably familiar with this scene...


In a nutshell, try to imagine a Scene like this, except the Mob meeting is a meeting between Central bankers, Politicians, and/or large name banks. Most ofThe lines themselves could be shifted over fairly easily.

I'm not sure if such an Ad approach would constitute a violation of copyright: Parodies typically constitute fair use. And provided the Ads are made by agencies independent to the actual Ron Paul Campaign, if the Ads themselves are questioned it won't pose much of a direct risk.