View Full Version : FL Debates: RP Must Point Out He Will Save Social Security/Medicare Benefits

01-23-2012, 12:09 AM
Especially important for the Florida debates, since Florida has a lot of seniors, is for Ron Paul to say that he is the only candidate that you can trust to save Social Security and Medicare benefits for those currently on the programs, because he will ensure it by cutting spending elsewhere and balancing the budget without doing so on the backs of seniors who have paid their money in!

I think a major reason that so many old people are scared of Ron Paul is that they are under the misconception that he is going to eliminate their Social Security and Medicare benefits, since they have heard he is "extreme" and "anti-government libertarian" and that he will cut a "TRILLION" dollars in year one. This scares them. They need to know that he is actually their best option to make sure they keep receving their Social Security and Medicare benefits and that he is actually the most reasonable with regard to it!

Feeding the Abscess
01-23-2012, 12:20 AM
Just make sure it doesn't turn into a defense of the programs themselves, otherwise the war is lost. He response in the last debate was just about perfect; he said the programs shouldn't have been started and are unconstitutional, but that we shouldn't throw out those dependent on government until we can work for ourselves again.