View Full Version : Congressman Ron Paul should show his edge

01-22-2012, 11:52 PM
We are all supporters of Dr. Paul and his message of liberty and a Constitutionally restrained government. Unfortunately there are many voters that need a helping hand. Dr. Paul should explain in more clear and elementary terms what a declaration of war means and what he would do as CINC. Yes, if there was a declaration of war President Paul (I love the way that sounds) would direct the United States armed forces to do their job and do it well. Remove the threat and then return to business.

If Iran ever was to become a threat, I think that they really want to reopen official talks with the United States, then President Paul, with the authority granted by a declaration of war would take care of business.

I would like to see Dr. Paul pull out the stops and explain what war is. He was a flight surgeon and knows the costs of war that go beyond the monetary costs. He knows the moral justification for ending a war as quickly as possible to avoid the cost of innocent lives who were just unlucky enough to be born in a country with a hostile government.

Congressman Paul has the metal to defend our country but I suspect that we won't have to under his wise guidance.