View Full Version : Teach me about making youtubes- need advice, tips, direction- tubes for female voters

01-21-2012, 12:58 PM
I have satellite internet so it isn't the fastest but I'm patient enough to deal with that. I've never made a youtube, have only uploaded my own footage. I think we need more female-oriented videos from the perspective of wives, mothers, etc. I'm willing to do it but I'd love some direction. Will I need software? If so, what's the best to use? Any specific tips from experienced tubers? I'm a total noob w/this but think I can do it and maybe other female Paul supporters will as well. We need vids that appeal to the avg female voter, that addresses their concerns in a way that appeals to them.

It is women who generally take care of their elderly parents living on ss checks that don't keep up with cost of living, who are most involved w/their kids' schools, who buy the groceries which have gone up in price soooo much over the past few years (this is a big one, explaining inflation in terms they'll understand), who want choices in healthy foods and medical care, who often care more about safe neighborhoods than ending the fed, kwim? We need to explain Paul's platform in a way that reaches them. I can do "middle age woman speak", lol.

So, any insights? Tips? I figure it's easier to ask those who are experienced than try to search it all out and learn from trial and error. Not lazy, just that time is short, I'm raising 3 kids here and homeschooling them on top of all the other household stuff I do (plus we just moved so we're still unpacking, getting settled) and my computer is not the fastest. I can easily sit up at night, though, and work on this.

01-23-2012, 07:05 PM