View Full Version : How to lift Paul's share of vote by 6%? Become the pensioners' champion

01-20-2012, 04:54 AM
The January 11-13 PPP poll indicates Ron Paul's following share of votes:

18-29: 36%
30-45: 21%
46-65: 12%
65+: 8%

This is real bad for him in the context of Republicans' (disastrously) aging demographics: there are 3 times more Republican voters aged above 48 (61%) than there are aged below 37 (20%)!

The consequence for Paul is that Republican pensioners (and about-to-become pensioners) are the most significant pool of untapped votes to draw from. Converting 1 in 10 means a 6 point gain in polls. Ron Paul's campaign needs to focus specifically on them. Nothing can bring him more new votes faster. How?

So easy: excess debt leads to crisis that utterly destroy savings and pensions. They are gutted when the system snaps. Look at Greece: equity market down 90%, bonds down 70%, state pensions slashed 20 to 40%. Pensioners are the segment of the population crucified by debt crisis and Paul must become their champion.

01-20-2012, 08:08 AM
Great idea. + rep.
I think a slogan like this could be useful:
In order to save/fix SS, we need to cut overseas. RP is the only one who is willing to do that.