View Full Version : Ron Paul needs to say things like "As President I will" and "As President I would have"

01-19-2012, 02:31 AM
Ron Paul does an excellent job of laying down his principles, but he often fails to show how he would put those principles in action and how they would work. I get this all the time from people I am trying to persuade, they can't imagine what a Paul presidency would look like.

Ron Paul is often very critical of the way the gov't is run. He says things like "We're are over there", "We're printing all this money", "Our judicial system is discriminatory", "I voted to go after bin-Laden". By phrasing things in this manner, he is merely critiquing the gov't, rather than putting forth tangible solutions. When Ron Paul does put forth tangible solution, the solution itself gets lost as Paul continues to explain the principles.

What Ron Paul should say are things like "As President I would have gone after Osama bin-Laden" "as President I will bring our troops home and secure our country with them." "As President I will audit the federal reserve and bring about it's eventual dissolve." "As President I will abolish the IRS, the Dept of Education etc."

Then Ron Paul needs to explain why this is good:

"As President I will repeal anti-marijuana laws. This will stop gang violence on the border and provide for new industry which will increase tax revenue. This will prevent the over-institutionalization of non-violent offenders. This will combat discrimination in the judicial system."

"As President, had the congress voted to go to war with Iraq, I would have deposed of Saddam Hussein and then withdrawn our troops. I would have gone to war with a clear exit strategy. This would have allowed for a military victory, preserving the credibility of the United States. This would have made the US look like heroes to the Iraqis. This would have saved us a lot of trouble and war weariness"

"As President, if the congress votes to go to war with Iran, I will perform my duty as commander in chief. I will engage US generals to devise a clear path to victory. I will define clearly the preconditions for withdrawal and have a clear exit-strategy. This will allow the United States to perform its military operations with efficiency and provide for a United States victory."

"As President I will seek to engage Iran diplomatically and trade with them. I will seek diplomacy with middle eastern countries. This will preserve the moral standing of the United States in the eyes of the world. This will earn us respect and support."

"As President I will abolish the Department of Education and give block grants to the states. This will preserve States rights and allow for a more diverse education system. This would avoid programs like no-child-left-behind."

"As President I will audit the Federal Reserve and bring about it's eventual dissolve. I will give the power of coinage back to the government. This will increase transparency in our monetary system and return us to a free market society. This will stop inflation from destroying our savings and return us to sound money."

"As president I will repeal the patriot act. This will return privacy and decency to the American citizen in their homes and their private lives. I will restore the rule of law that is the hallmark of a free and prosperous society."

"As President I will remove the tax on repatriated money. This will bring money back to the United States, and will increase goods consumption and job creation at home."

"As President I will state every one of my positions in its positive and refrain from being unnecessarily critical to show everyone what a Paul Presidency will look like. This will give people the courage to envision me in the White House."

01-19-2012, 09:43 PM
This thread gives a great suggestion. That would be smart marketing.

01-19-2012, 11:01 PM
I think using more phrases like that would definitely have a positive impact on his campaign messaging. He needs to remind voters that he's serious about leading this country and not just articulating "libertarian theories" so to speak.