View Full Version : NOM is sponsoring the southern Republican Leadership Conference this weekend in SC?

01-18-2012, 01:46 PM
And it ends on the day people start to vote?


And NOM spent most of its money in ads attacking Ron?

After The American Independent reported that NOM received the majority of the money it raised in 2010 from just two anonymous sources, Darrin Hurwitz, assistant general counsel to HRC, which also runs the NOM watchdog site NOM Exposed, speculated that NOM’s not having a PAC is an indication of its lack of grassroots support.

From Nom Exposed:

[I]t perhaps comes as a surprise that NOM – a $9 million organization that boasts of its electoral muscle and that relocated its headquarters to Washington two years ago – doesn’t have a federal PAC and has never had one. Or that in four years NOM has never contributed one cent to a federal candidate. Indeed, it’s highly unusual for an advocacy organization of NOM’s size – especially one that prides itself on its electoral work – not to have a PAC. Why would an organization with an expressed interest in federal issues like the Defense of Marriage Act not support federal candidates? [...]

Advocacy organization PACs raise their funds from a broad base of supporters whose individual contributions are capped by law at $5,000 per year. These donors are publicly disclosed on reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. NOM doesn’t have enough members to raise funds for an effective PAC, and just as importantly it doesn’t believe in the transparency that PACs must show.

Just before 2011 came to a close, TAI reported that NOM was soliciting supporters for money to close a “looming shortfall.” This past weekend, NOM’s president sent supporters a thank-you email, indicating that the organization raised $995,339.85, thanks to a “very generous donor” who, according to Brown, gave NOM three months to raise up to $1 million and the donor would match the money.

TAI has pointed out that, in 2010, NOM reported raising only 8 percent of its revenue from single donations below $5,000. Two-thirds of the money NOM reported raising from donors — more than $6 million — came from just two sources. The previous year, NOM’s contributions above $5,000 made up about 78 percent of all the contributions received, according to the group’s own financial reporting. And yet, Brown is still insisting that NOM comprises millions of supporters.