View Full Version : The Youth vote is the future of the Republican party so Ron Paul is the future

01-18-2012, 09:24 AM
Obama utterly crushed Republicans amongst the youth in 2008: 66% of the voters below age 30.

In the New Hampshire Republican primary, the non-Paul youth vote was down 40% versus 2008 (16k vs 27k). That political party is doomed. Completely doomed. It has no future whatsoever.

Gingrich got 3% of the youth vote, Santorum 9%. They both are remnants of a past facing inexorable decline. (Perfect ammo to destroy them in TV/debate prime time by the way, especially Gingrich).

Ron Paul got 46% of the youth vote. He was up an amazing 136%.

Romney was flat (+2.6%). Romney does nothing to solve the lethal Republican demographics.

A party without young voters has no future.

Only Ron Paul is attracting the youth vote to the Republican party.

Only Ron Paul provides a future to the Republican party.

So instead of the usual Ron Paul's answer heard 10 times ("I am baffled but delighted to have so many young supporters" - which gains you zero votes), please switch to "I am the only one to attracts young voters to the Republican Party and give it a future.".

It gives what RP desperately needs: some POSITIVITY, some "I am leading here, I am a game changer".

Another fresh, powerful angle is: "Republicans, here is why you need me: no young votes, no future."

Again, this is critical TV prime time stuff.