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Hurricane Bruiser
11-10-2007, 10:56 PM
Here are three photos I took of the Philly rally which together gives a pretty good idea of the size. http://www.flickr.com/photos/13609246@N08/ There was not any great spot for a birds eye view but I did my best. The park police made me move after awhile because I was standing up on a pillar and the other side was probably a 20' drop. I'm sure they'd prefer not to have a bad injury and so I moved while they were asking somone else on a different pillar to move. The park police seemed pretty nice. I did notice one going around with his little video camera recording things. I'm guessing he is rooting for Ron Paul as he did not seem to be focusing on any particular activity.

I would guess that there were between 2,000 and 3,000 people there. It was very hard to tell and there is no way to be sure of the exact number.

There was a good mixture of people at the rally. The people were mainly on the younger side, there were also quite a number in their late 30's or 40's. Not a large number of older folks but a few. With the day being cold and windy with a chance of rain, I feel it kept a number of people at home.

It seemed a pretty good mix of men and women at the rally. I would say more men than women but not by a large degree. Most people were caucasian but there were a few blacks, and some asians. I liked seeing Lady Liberty in her green outfit from NJ? and she was a pretty happy black lady just having a grand time.

Very high energy and an enthusiastic crowd. I loved hearing the band leader talking about when they performed at Ames for the straw poll and how he and his band sat spellbound as Ron Paul discussed (never heard of him before) the Constitution point after point. He compared that to the mush the other candidates were speaking and I thought it just echoed my thoughts exactly.

I met Truckin Mike and his cute dog that survived the rattler bite. Seems like a real nice guy. I overhead some people on the street asking themselves who Ron Paul was. These rally's certainly do more than just rally the troops, they bring additional awareness and media attention which obviously lead to more and more supporters.

Ron Paul's speech was very good in my opinion. He is doing better at trying to get the neocons to understand the reasons why the people in the middle east hate us. For any lurking bloggers or news reporters reading this, please note that I am very tired of hearing reports saying that we only support Ron Paul because of his stance on the war. THAT is just nonesense. We love his platform and ideas about FREEDOM. We know what he believes, thinks, votes for, and votes against.

One sour note. I went to go into the National Constitution Center with my wife and kids in our stroller after the rally and was told by the guards just inside the door that I couldn't come in because of the Ron Paul signs physically attached to the stroller. When I protested politely, they said they were a non profit organization and couldn't have partisanship. What a utter load of crap. I suppose people that wear T-shirts supporting a candidate have to take their shirt off too? What about buttons? What if your just thinking of voting for someone? These idiots obviously have no idea what the Constitution was all about. The guards, especially the younger one, was rather apologetic and I didn't persist, but I certainly let them know my disgust. My disgust is leveled at the people instituting such a stupid policy. I can understand them not wanting demonstrations and protests inside, but they were seemingly being the thought police. I just wanted go into this huge public building and see what it was all about. I wonder if someone knows if they receive public funds?

In case your wondering, I was the guy that had a long stroller with 3 little kids and a cute wife and I was waving a big American Flag most of the time. This was my first Ron Paul rally to attend and I hope I can join everyone at the large inaugeration rally. Until then, keep working folks, put up signs, hand out flyers, politely talk to and email folks. Freedom in this country is at stake.

11-10-2007, 11:14 PM
awesome report. Thank you for posting.

11-10-2007, 11:26 PM
Agreed - nice report, I feel like I was there :P