View Full Version : Dr. Paul's Foreign Policy would leader to Economic Boom in South Carolina.

01-17-2012, 07:58 PM
I think the campaign may have snookered Dr. Paul's opponents good last night. Dr. Paul made his standard speeches about the difference between the military spending overseas, and defense spending.

Today, the campaign has launched the meme that Dr. Paul's foreign policy would likely lead to a major economic boom for places like South Carolina, when the troops come home. Dr. Paul explained that there would be no need for layoffs, only attrition, and that the economy of South Carolina would be helped when soldiers are spending their days and nights here at home, rather than in Japan, South Korea or Germany.

This is a bit of positioning we need to devote some mental energy to. This position is also potentially very powerful in other military states, including Louisiana, Texas, Nevada, Kentucky and California to name a few.