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BOW — It was a meeting that had to be.

Back in July when Republican president candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul was interviewed by the editorial board of The Conway Daily Sun, reporter Lloyd Jones asked Paul which three people in history he'd most like to have dinner with. It's a question Jones asks of all the candidates.

Paul's top pick for a dinner conversation was economist Ludwig von Mises. They would discuss how to make economic issues more palatable to the American people, Paul said. He also named Gandhi, the pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India during the Indian independence movement.

Paul's other response?

President Grover Cleveland (1837-1908), the nation's 22nd and 24th president. Paul said Cleveland was a believer in sound money, had a sound foreign policy, and exercised his veto pen.

He was told at that point that Cleveland had a tie to the Mount Washington Valley as he once owned a summer home in Tamworth and that his son, Francis Cleveland, co-founded the town's Barnstormers Theater in 1931.

He also was informed that Grover Cleveland's grandson, George Cleveland, nephew to the late Francis, is a dead-ringer for the late president and that he works nearby at the Gibson Center for Senior Services. That left the three-time presidential candidate in amazement.

“Really? I'd like to meet him next time I'm in the area. I'd enjoy that,” said Paul.

Well, folks, that day happened last week, reports George Cleveland:

“We met Sunday [Jan. 8] at his hotel, the Hampton Inn in Bow,” said Cleveland in an e-mail this week. “I gave him [Paul] an 1884 Cleveland pin. He signed a poster for me, and wife Carol signed her ‘Paul Family Cookbook.’ A good time was had by all. We spent about a half hour together. Met a bunch of the [Paul] family including [Kentucky Sen. and son] Rand.”

Just what did they talk about?

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really good article, sounds like it was a great meet.

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A Zevon reference in an article about Ron Paul and Grover Cleveland? Be still, my beating heart.