View Full Version : An Idea for Campaigning

Colored Pencils
01-16-2012, 10:38 PM
I think it is quite obvious that Ron Paul has an overwhelming support when you look at people who aren't traditional Republican voters. I think there is a subtle difference between supporting a candidate and actually going out and voting for one. We have a tremendous amount of support for Paul through young people on social media, the problem is those people are often not registered to vote. I think handing out stamped and addressed envelopes, the registration form, maybe a little note writing out the steps of voting in a very simple way, for example, 1) Fill out form 2) Mail form 3) Show up to [location] at [date] and cast your vote , and talking to them a few seconds would be extremely effective. I always thought the process would be annoying and difficult until I saw someone mention bluerepublican.org and saw that it would only take a few minutes to do.

Handing them out at schools would be especially effective since Paul has a high amount of people who would support him there. I go to a state university and alot of my friends support Paul, but hardly any of us are registered voters. I think we have definitely captured young people, social media, etc -- the challenge is to get them registered and make it simple and easy for them. The message captured their support. Now we have to, just as effectively, get the energy behind going out and voting for Paul.