View Full Version : Challenge To One On One Debate On Foreign Policy

01-16-2012, 02:59 PM
Getting people to understand foreign policy seems to be the #1 obstacle to the campaign. Dr. Paul may want to consider issuing a challenge to all opponents to a one on one debate on the subject. If there are no takers then Dr. Paul could call them on it. He could say that they are afraid to debate because they speak from ignorance in slogans on a very superficial level.

If a candidate agrees to a debate on foreign policy then Ron Paul could come armed not only with his knowledge but with documents as for example surveys of Muslim streets, speeches of Muslim leaders, findings of experts, CIA documents, etc. showing why they hate us. Documents could also include proving blow back, history of our aggression against Iran, etc.

During several exchanges Dr. Paul could present the copies of documents that prove his case at every opportunity along with

01-16-2012, 04:24 PM
Love it. Next time Ron gets some LIVE airtime he should formally challenge smarmy Romney.