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06-18-2007, 01:33 AM
This is a response I sent to an atheist friend of mine that stated "To have faith is to give these religious extremists the justification they need to destroy the human race. " This was in response to watching a clip regarding Muslims that indiscriminately killed people in retaliation to the Danish cartoon fiasco

My response: I disagree with your statement. See the problem here is not simply an issue of having faith. If you noticed in the video, some of the immigrants were holding up signs praising the impending on-onslaught of a rapidly growing imported religion within Europe. This happens when a community representing an intolerant religion that doesn't ascribe to the Golden Rule (http://www.faithfreedom.org/oped/BrianMacker51014.htm) moves into a free market of ideas and expects everybody else to curb their liberties for their own benefit. Its a socio-political issue, because leaders in the Western world value the dollar more than preserving a culture whose principals protect atheist and non-atheist alike. It is the globalist attitude that is destroying the world: "We love you immigrants, even though you come from a culture that totally contradicts our way of life." Globalists are pushing towards an era where the only common denominator between people is the love of money, not even language will have any importance in the future.

You can never eradicate an idea such as "faith" or "terrorism" from somebody's mind. You cannot kill ideas, unless you have the mindset of a communist or a fascist. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. What I believe in my mind doesn't interfere with any of your rights, so I would expect the same from you.

Did you know in Germany you cannot deny the Holocaust without being charged with a crime and you can't goto public school in France if you wear a cross around your neck. Forced secularism is just as dangerous as some of these Islamic theocracies. Both are forms of mind control.