View Full Version : Search Engine Example: Gingrich is a traitor

01-11-2012, 05:15 PM
Did you know that the search engines pick stuff like that up especially if it's submitted?:)

Imagine the fun we could have with glenbeckisatraitor.com ! Romneyisatraitor.com You can register it anonymously at directnic, godaddy etc and wreak havoc for more than a year before anyone could get it shut. Imagine getting indexed right below whatever what's his names campaign address? Definitely anything started today could contain huge amounts of text thereby adding to the likeability on the engines . There's still good urls available to go after the republicans for what they are doing to us and the country. They wanna fight? They essentially declared war on Dr Paul, we the supporters not to mention we the people in general haven't they?

We own the internet. Methinks it's time. Anyone putting anything together can count me in for financial donations.

Do we have something going? Heh Heh, it's anonymous ;)

P.S. I am ONLY advocating an aggresive illumination of the "candidates" core belief's and what he's done with those beliefs and how they have impacted the country and how they go against the spirit of the Constitution and could really be un-American.