View Full Version : Rally Advice :) and Checklist

11-10-2007, 08:26 AM
Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you guys a small check list for those of you that have not been to rallies before :)


2. RAIN GEAR (I'd stick to jackets rather than umbrellas, but whatever you have.
3. Pack a sandwich and a bottle of water
4. (and this is referring to my Anti-war protests on DC, but good advice) Always pack two days of extra medication in your back pack - in the extremely unlikely event that people get restless, or are otherwise rounded up by the police, its good to have any important medication with you.
5. CAMERA and or VIDEO RECORDER (extra batteries!)
6. Make sure your cel phone is charged!
7. TISSUES! (especially on a cold rainy day!)
8. Hand outs and materials! (there will be lots of people walking by who will not know who Ron Paul is - be prepared to give them hand outs.)
9. Have short statement prepared in your head in the event that you are questioned by any media. If media is there, and they ask you a question, you want to have a solid short statement about why you support Ron Paul. Mention his stances and his track record and how he's an honorable and truthful man. Nothing worse than getting stuck like a deer in Headlights when you have a chance to tell the world about Ron Paul!
10. Ballot Petitions or voter registration forms for your state.
11. SIGNS! I suggest something that you can easily carry in the rain with one hand. I made the mistake of having a sign that kept curling up whenever I tried to take a picture - make it strong enough that you can carry with one hand.
12. Bring a small amount of cash and maybe a debit card and ID, but dont bring a ton of money that could be lost or stolen.
14. Cough drops are always good for days when you're yelling "RON PAUL" a lot. :D
15. Small stash of spare Toilet Paper (how many times have you gotten stuck in a port-o-pot without this???)
16. Hand sanitizer

17. DONT DRINK TOO MUCH WATER OR COFFEE WHEN YOU GET THERE - we don't know how available restrooms will be! If there are port o pots, there will most likely be a line! :)
18. Something for Dr. P to autograph. We may have the opportunity to shake hands and get an autograph - make sure you have something for him to sign! :) (and a marker!)

If anyone else has any suggestions, please add them to this forum. Remember a lot of our crowd is going to be first timers that are actually interested in politics for the first time. We want them to be prepared, and have as much fun as possible!