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11-09-2007, 10:50 PM
Here is the fraudulent poll address:


Please call the following phone numbers and ask to speak to the person in charge of the poll of November 5-7, 2007. Please also e-mail the following e-mails. Politely inform them of Dr. Paul and politely complain and express concern over their lack of credibility, lack of journalistic integrity, and error in judgment in failing to include Ron Paul in their poll. Also tell them that unless they issue a new poll you will be launching a public awareness campaign in cooperation with 60,000 other people on YouTube, to purposefully discredit the Associated Press and their biased reporting. Also inform them that unless they issue a new and accurate poll you are going to take an ad out in the New York Times explaining how the Associated Press has been misrepresenting the facts to the American public.

Ipsos Public Affairs:

Telephone: (202) 463-7300
Add’l Telephone: (888) 210-7425
E-mail: info@ipsos-na.com

The person who answers the phone will tell you that even though they were in charge of conducting the poll, they received their information from the Associated Press about what questions to ask. This is complete hogwash, because an agent in charge of conducting a poll surely is responsible for ensuring that the poll is conducted fairly, responsibly, and correctly, or otherwise that agency should not engage in conducting the poll at all as a matter of integrity, to avoid misleading the public, and out of concern for the public good. Make no mistake, the Ipsos Public Affairs office that conducted the poll is equally culpable for the fraud as the Associated Press, who allegedly provided the polling questions. Both Ipsos and AP had a responsibility to exercise proper oversight.

Associated Press:

Telephone: (212) 621-1500
E-mail: info@ap.org

The person who answers the phone will tell you that they had nothing to do with the poll and that you should instead send an e-mail. Ask them for the phone number of the person who was responsible for providing the polling information. She will say no. Tell her that you believe transparency in the media is as important, if not more important, than transparency in government. This is particularly true for the Associated Press who acts as the main media source and channel passing their information on to all other media outlets throughout the country and the world. The Associated Press has a duty to be honest and forthright with the public, and if they are not honest and forthright, they must be held accountable. This means, that they must be boycotted, complained to, and even sued in Court by the Ron Paul 2008 campaign for providing misleading information to the public.

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Matt Collins
11-10-2007, 03:37 PM
Can you give us some more background information on this?