View Full Version : Debate Video Obama vs Republican Field (Hypothetical)

01-08-2012, 07:39 PM
The biggest charge against Ron Paul is that he is unelectable. As we all know this couldn't be further from the truth. He is the only one who beats Obama in every major topic.

Letís analyze this... Ron Paul will take ALL of the anti-war vote from Obama, the others will not. Ron Paul is the ONLY one that predicted the housing bubble, the others were clueless. Ron Paul is the ONLY one who did not support TARP. He is a true fiscal conservative and an economic genius. He is a doctor who delivered 4000 babies, has been married +50yrs. He is the only one who would actually balance the budget. He has no ties to the corporate banks or Fanny & Freddie, Romney and Gingrich will get hammered for this. Paul would get all of the personal liberty vote and pro-marijuana vote. He would take California!

If we could make a debate video from short clips of the top republican contenders vs Obama we could clearly show how superior Ron Paul views and voting history are. Unfortunately, I do not have the computer skills to do this. However, I can help by supplying good videos and quotes.

If we could get a couple good video makers to commit to this, the rest of us could do our part by suppling videos and note the time period of the desired clip. We could also all talk about a script for the video.

I hope we can get some people involved with this because I am absolutely tired of people saying he couldn't beat Obama!