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01-06-2012, 07:15 PM
Hello, fellow Americans.

If you think about it, our lives revolve probably around the same 100-150 people. They are our families, our friends, our relatives, our school mates/co-workers, and all the people that we interact with daily that aren't necessarily our friends, but are people that we know, that they know our names and we know theirs, that we chit-chat with some times, you know, like shopkeeps, policemen, the old lady at the library, the bum on the street, our neighbors, the same guys that we always work out with at the gym... you know what I'm talking about.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could try to convince all of 'em? We could make it our goal and achievement of this 2012. We could make a thread on this forum in which we could keep track of our progress, for example we could have a goal, like: "I won't stop persuading people until I reach 50 people", and every time we managed to convince someone, we could add his name to the list on our Forum thread, and we could also add what we said to convince him, what were his reactions, why did he want to join the revolution, and we could also add the people that we didn't manage to convince and we could write why they didn't want to join us. etc.

Imagine if each and every one of us would convince 50 people. But instead of just persuading them, I'd say we should try to make 'em into Ron Paul-junkies, just like we are, because we are not just voting for Paul, we are seriously addicted to him. We are madly in love with him. We would all take a bullet for him. So imagine if we turned 50 people into our fellow Paul-ites and these 50 people started doing what we are doing and convincing another 50 people into becoming Paul-ities. The revolution would spread in no time, and America would be saved.

What I recommend, is you to try to remember what made you into a Ron Paul die hard-core fan, and try to do the same unto 50 others.

I became a Ron Paul follower in the summer of 2011, before then, I was the average American that had no interests in politics, I had never heard of Ron Paul, I watched Fox News, I was one of those millions of people that in 2008 only knew about "Mccain" and "Obama", I was the average guy that supported Bush even though I had no idea what he stood for , I was one of millions that believed that 9/11 was faked.

Everyday, today, I think about the millions of Americans that are oblivious about Ron Paul. Today millions of Americans have also no idea of the real state of things and they are living their lives everyday in fantasy land having no idea what's going on, they are so brainwashed by the mainstream media they just think everything is OK, they are like robots living in limbo, waking up every day going to work up and going to sleep. And then one day the wake up and they die, without even realizing that they were living in a world that controlled them. Trust me, there are millions of Americans like this. They make up the majority of the population and they are the ones that finally have a say on whose president, because they probably make up 90% of america. When they go to vote they only vote because their candidate has the same skin colour, their friends are all voting for him, they like how he looks, or 'cause the media brainwashed them into voting him. Basically 90% of the ignorant people are the ones that finally have a say on who gets to be the final candidate. They need to wake up like I did, Before 2011 I had no idea that Ron Paul existed, I had no interests in politics, I was one of the 90%. Anyway, I am 100% positive that each and every one of them will wake up just like i did as soon as they see this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m7ruVCabAs&), which was the video I saw in the summer of 2011 that made me wake up and get interested into the economy and politics and made me into the avid Ron Paul follower i am today. And I assure you, if this were the first video you'd ever see about Ron Paul, as soon as you finished watching it, you would start spending your entire day searching other videos about Ron Paul until you'd reach ecstasy.
Searching Ron Paul on YouTube and hearing him speak about liberty and the constitution and our rights is as addictive as cocaine.

01-07-2012, 01:10 AM
Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the insight into your conversion story.

You've got some good ideas in there. You're right about the fact that as soon as people learn about Ron Paul's true policies, they usually end up supporting them. All politics is local. If we treat it that way -one community at a time- we'll do very well.


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Sounds like a good idea, though in my experience you are much better off convincing soft/on the fence Paul supporters thru Phone from Home or something.

01-09-2012, 07:01 PM
I wish I could watch the YT video. However, recently YT videos have been freezing on me. I'll start to watch them and then they stop so I can't see it. :( However, I really like your idea of trying to reach those within our sphere of influence. :) One of my best friends is on board now. So now I'm going to focus on the others.