View Full Version : Video idea, need skills to implement

01-05-2012, 12:02 AM
So it's everywhere that "Ron Paul's XXXX policy is dangerous, destructive and insane!" It's being repeated by all the opposing candidates that his "isolationist" foreign policy will cause us more trouble. His criticism of the Fed is accepted by some, but his stance of ENDING it is mocked for being too hurtful to the economy. His social issues stances are ridiculed. His Welfare stance is paraded around to threaten seniors.

None of these things are true, of course, but it needs to be made clear that all the other candidates, including Obama, are the real reckless drivers of the nation.

I don't know how to make this video, and was hoping someone here could help, or at least pass this along to someone with RevPac or the official campaign.

So here's my rundown of an ad that could hit home:

Have a "slot machine" type scroll of unflattering images of the other candidates, including Obama. Underneath the scroll, start with the words "This candidate will keep our troops in the line of fire while creating more enemies of America." And then stop at any number of them with a "ding" sound. Then "This candidate will threaten those dependent on govt aid to advance their own political goals." Repeat the unanimous answer. Then "This candidate will continue funding violent drug gangs - terrorists - in order to keep cancer patients from relief." Repeat. "This candidate will continue to enrich Wall Street with taxpayer money." "This candidate will ensure that D.C.'s economy continues to grow while the rest of the nation struggles." "This candidate will bankrupt you and your family by inflating your money." "This candidate will live in luxury as the Empire falls."

Any number could be used. They could be rotated in and out for different demographics or different time constraints.

At the end, the images change to a bunch of glorious images of Paul - from speeches, on his bike, the photo of him hitting in the Congressional Softball game, etc. - and the messages change to "This candidate will protect America with a strong national defense and effective diplomacy." "This candidate will ensure Social Security promises are fulfilled by cutting govt waste." "This candidate will disarm violent gangs by taking away their black market." "This candidate will allow Wall St. to fail if it has gotten out of control by protecting Main St. from footing their bailouts." "This candidate will take the pay of the average American to show them that he is serious about saving America."

With the right editing, this could be a 30 sec ad, if only to address a couple important misconceptions at a time.