View Full Version : Taking an offensive against the Pro-war guys

11-09-2007, 12:41 PM
Now that Ron Paul's name is starting to get out there, it seems to me that his strongest opposition is coming from the pro-war crowd. As such, I believe that we really need to do everything we can to either:
1. Get them to change their view on the war
2. Get them to at least give some credence to Ron Paul's views on the issue.

Now, duh, this is easier said than done! If it were easy, we wouldn't have gotten Bush elected again in '04. I do think there is some hope out there though, because I used to be for the war, and have since changed my opinion. Being able to change my own view on this issue, I strongly feel that others may still be persuaded to change their views as well. I don't think for a second that we can get even a significant number of people to change their view, but if even one person is turned on to Ron Paul, I believe it was worth the effort.

My idea to accomplish this is as follows. I plan to create a website detailing every fact and argument I can find, that I believe may help convince someone that we need to get out of this war, why Ron Paul's foreign policy is the best one for America, and also address their fears and concerns. I hope to provide references to facts and figures wherever possible, so that skeptical people can check out the facts for themselves.

This can serve as a resource not only for those trying to find the truth, but it will provide great ammunition for anyone trying to argue for Ron's position on the war.

Before I start this project, does anything similar already exist? It would kinda suck to waste time duplicating something thats already been done.