View Full Version : The Art of Persuasion

12-31-2011, 01:11 PM
If you're having trouble convincing someone to vote for Ron Paul, don't keep arguing with them. Fall back to a statement that you can both agree on. If you can get someone to say, “I talked to a Ron Paul supporter today, and we agreed on many things”, then you were successful. Here are some simple statements that I think most people would agree with, and that I believe are consistent with Ron Paul's positions. Please help by adding others to the thread.

The US spends a lot of money on foreign wars, and I think it's really important to get our overall spending under control if we want to be able to maintain a strong defense.
Jesus said that we should love our neighbors, and I just think that dropping bombs on people is not the best way to do that.

Government assistance:
I've read that if you're a single mother with two kids, you will have a better standard of living by taking government assistance rather than working, unless you find a job that pays more than $40,000. I agree that sometimes people need help from others to get back on their feet, but we should reconsider government programs that reward people for not working (the study is here: http://mises.org/daily/3822 ).

Freedom/Patriot Act/NDAA:
I do not think the government should have the right to lock up US citizens indefinitely on vague suspicions. Our constitution guarantees us the right to due process and we need to protect that.

Wall Street/Campaign finance:
I am sick of politicians who allow lobbyists and big donors to rewrite our laws to favor themselves, and I want to elect a candidate who has consistently said no to those lobbyists and big donors.

I think the federal government creates too much red tape for our schools. For example, they're spending a lot of time and money making sure school lunches have exactly the right proportion of vegetables, even though most kids just throw out that part of the meal. Sure, kids need healthy food, but schools should really be accountable to parents, who know what's most important, and not federal bureaucrats.

Social Security:
Simple math tells you Social Security is in danger. Congress has been borrowing from the Social Security fund every year to fund its budget. Ron Paul has consistently refused to vote for any spending bill that raided the Social Security funds. Protecting Social Security is just not possible with the out-of-control spending that's going on now.