View Full Version : The Ron Paul Revolution In Iowa: Four Years in the Making

12-29-2011, 12:09 PM

It is easy to dismiss Ron Paulís fervent supporters as young and clueless. And it is easier to dismiss his candidacy and campaign as having no rhyme or reason, as the GOP establishment desperately wants to do.

But Ron Paul is not leading in many recent Iowa polls based solely on support from young libertarian voters. In fact, Paul is leading because his campaign organization has diligently put together a coalition of caucus-goers who have found his fiscally conservative and non-interventionist foreign policy messages to be appealing. A recent Public Policy Polling poll even shows that Paul does the best among Evangelical voters, showing the the strength of his organization on the ground and proving that his strong poll numbers have been earned.

In that poll, Paul leads Mitt Romney​, 24 percent to 20 percent, but also leads the field among self-identified evangelical voters with 24 percent of the vote. In addition, Paul also leads among non-evangelical and non-Republican voters as well.

In many ways, Paul has organized Iowa much in the way then-candidate Barack Obama​ did four years ago.